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Institutional capacity building

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  • The programme offers a six-day Training of Instructors (TOI) course. Till date, the training has been given to BRAC's 770 field workers. The graduates now conduct road safety trainings for field staff who ride motorcycles for day-to-day work.
  • The programme piloted a short training course styled “Driving Plus” in February 2002, based on the needs of drivers, passengers and supervisors of BRAC’s transport department. This training was conducted for several years. One result was that all the staff who made use of BRAC vehicles were made aware not to put pressure on the driver to drive faster.
  • BRAC Driving School gives all drivers of BRAC's transport department a bi-annual three-day residential refresher training on road safety and defensive driving.
  • The programme also offers bicycle-riding training to female supervisors of BRAC pre-primary schools and libraries since 2003. Till date, 1,562 supervisors have received this training.
  • BRAC’s road safety programme has included lessons on road safety education in the textbooks of BRAC non-formal primary education schools.
  • In its action research project in Betilla of 2004, the road safety programme raised awareness of the members of 200 local BRAC village organisations on road safety. During this project, 100 parents of BRAC's non-formal schools were engaged in a discussion on road safety issues at the monthly parent meeting.
  • Under the 'human resource policies and procedures', the programme has formulated twelve road safety related rules for staff motorcycle drivers and drivers of BRAC's transport department.
  • Under the influence of the road safety programme, BRAC drivers maintain a speed limit of 60 km/h or 70 km/h (contingent upon situation) while driving on the national highway.
  • The programme has raised the road safety awareness of staff with flyers and email.
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