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Last modified on Monday, 09 July 2012 18:00

Inauguration of Ideal Ward 2012 - A Joint Initiative of Local Government, BRAC, and Community

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10 July 2012, Dhaka. On 7th July, 2012, at 11:00 am, Boragari Union Parishad, BRAC Community Empowerment Programme and community organisation – Polli Shomaj, jointly inaugurated the 6 no ward of Boragari Union, Domar, Niphamari, as Ideal Ward. The inauguration ceremony was held at the field of Dolapara government Primary School, Boragari.

Advocate Momtazul Haq, Administrator, District Parishad, Nilphamari was present as the Chief Guest with special guests Anna Minj, Director, Community Empowerment Programme and Integrated Development Programme, BRAC; Mr. Abdur Razzak Boshuani, Upazila Chairman, Domar; and Mr. Md. Nazmul Huda, Upazila Nirbahi Officer, Domar. The ceremony was chaired by Mr. Isahaq Ali, Chairman, Boragari Union Parishad. Participants from various government and non-government organisations, members of the civil society, representatives from the Polli Shomaj and around 4,000 participants from the wider community were also present at the occasion.

Polli Shomaj is a ward level community organisation of the poor and marginalised, especially women, facilitated by BRAC Community Empowerment Programme. With focus on women’s empowerment, Polli Shomaj has been engaged in various social development activities for a long time. During its course of action over a period of time, experience of Polli Shomaj indicated that it is essential to work with all spheres of the society to achieve community development in light of the Millennium Development Goals. In this regard, in 2011, Polli Shomaj, local Union Parishad, and BRAC Community Empowerment Programme jointly started mobilising the community towards social development for transforming the 6 no ward of Boragari Union, Domar, Niphamari, as an Ideal Ward. Through collaboration with people at the grassroots level, the community worked towards creating an Ideal Ward with development in education, health, environment, water, sanitation, and to combat human rights violations, especially violence against women. Working in unity, the community and local government has made this Ideal Ward a place where school enrollment of children is 100%, while 100% people have access to sanitary latrines and tubewells. Also, illegal activities - such as child marriage, teasing (sexual harassment), violence against women, and gambling have stopped in the ward. The community members are now easily accessing resources and services from the local government, while 100% people have completed birth and death registration. Infrastructure and environment development are also reflected through 7 km of road improvements and 8 km of social forestry. Currently, there is also a MBBS doctor available for providing health care at the ward. With focus on the Millennium Development Goals, this 6 no ward of Boragari Union was transformed into an Ideal Ward through the active participation of the community people.

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