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Last modified on Wednesday, 06 March 2024 15:15

BRAC Healthcare Centre is now in Uttara Featured

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BRAC Healthcare Centre is now in Uttara

BRAC Healthcare Limited, a concern of BRAC Enterprises, inaugurated its second healthcare centre in Uttara.  Asif Saleh, Executive Director of BRAC, officially opened the centre, situated at House 15, Road 12, Sector 6, Uttara, Dhaka, on Wednesday, 6 March, 2024.

Focusing on creating a welcoming atmosphere, BRAC Healthcare centres prioritise a client experience characterised by warmth, empathy, and comfort, aiming to replicate the feeling of being cared for by a close family member.

This expansion marks a significant milestone in the healthcare sector as BRAC Healthcare commits to delivering top-tier, patient-centric medical services adhering to the highest ethical standards. Staffed by a team of highly qualified medical professionals, the centre pledges to meet evolving healthcare needs through six key service pillars: Family Physician and First Aid Care, Doctor Consultations, Health and Wellness (Physiotherapy, Mental Health, and Nutrition), Dental Care, and Diagnostics. The centre also hosts a government-registered model pharmacy, offering access to safe medicines at competitive prices with experienced Pharmacists ready to dispense medication to clients.

In the opening ceremony, Asif Saleh, the Executive Director of BRAC, emphasised, " We acknowledge the prevailing notion that quality healthcare services are often unattainable during emergencies. However, if achieved, it is considered a blessing. We are committed to changing this reality. Patient-centric medical care is our guiding principle at BRAC Healthcare."

Expressing optimism, he remarked, “While it may not be feasible for us to reach the entire population, we aspire to set a standard with the quality of medical services provided by BRAC Healthcare. I hope that witnessing BRAC's exemplary medical care will inspire others to elevate their standards, leading to a positive transformation in the entire healthcare sector.”

Mohammad Anisur Rahman, Senior Director, BRAC Enterprises, stated, "Throughout the one-year journey, our primary objective was to deliver high-quality service to our patients, ensuring a positive experience for them. We believe that we have largely succeeded in this endeavour. Over 90 per cent of individuals who have accessed healthcare from Kazipara centre expressed high satisfaction with our service delivery process.”

Equipped with cutting-edge imaging technology, including X-ray and Ultrasonography (USG), as well as a full-fledged laboratory, the centre promises to deliver timely and accurate test results. BRAC Healthcare's comprehensive dental services encompass regular check-ups, teeth cleanings, cosmetic fillings, tooth extractions and more.

After the successful launch of its first centre at Kazipara in March 2023, BRAC Healthcare served more than 11,000 patients, with 50 per cent of them being women and around 22 per cent below 15 years of age. These patients, and their families, hailed from various socio-economic backgrounds.

This year, BRAC Healthcare plans to extend its services and establishing more centres in various parts of the city and across the nation in the future, aiming to bring positive transformations to the lives of the middle-income population.

The newly inaugurated centre, located at House 15, Road 12, Sector 6, Uttara, Dhaka, is now open for appointments and patient services. For more information about BRAC Healthcare and its services, please visit, or dial 8809678191911.

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