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Last modified on Sunday, 03 June 2012 18:00

BRAC protested police brutality on the banner of Samajik Prodirodh Committee

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04 June 2012, Dhaka. BRAC’s Gender Justice & Diversity has taken part of a human chain and procession on 3rd June 2012, as part of the Samajik Prodirodh Committee, a national platform of 67 different development and civil society organisations, working to ensure human rights for all. The committee organised the human chain and brought procession in front of the National Press Club, protesting against police brutality. A member of the police force allegedly abused a girl inside the Police Club adjacent to the Chief Metropolitan Magistrate’s (CMM) court in the old part of Dhaka City on 29 May afternoon.

Leaders of civil society organisations demanded justice by taking the necessary steps to put an end to all kinds of violence against women and girls. In a speech, a speaker said, “there should not be any compromises with the police and other law enforcing agencies in dealing with inhuman behaviour or misconduct of duties with the citizens of the country. Police are crossing in some cases their level of undue illegal action, on individuals and groups. It has to be stopped right now.”

Several speakers also noted that crimes committed by a handful members of the law enforcing agencies should not be taken lightly, rather severe and long term punishment should be replaced with immediate sacking from their jobs and taking away of all the service benefits. The Home Ministry, along with police HQs, should arrange special training and information session for the police officers from SI to additional IGs to participate in on the importance of respecting and protecting humanity and human rights while on duty.

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