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Last modified on Monday, 28 February 2011 18:00

BRAC facilitates youth discussion session on ultra poor

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01 March 2011, Dhaka. ‘Going to the Radisson or Westin for dinner was quite common for me. But now, after visiting the ultra poor areas and seeing those hunger stricken faces, I began to feel a sense of guilt. I am now aware that the cost of one meal at these hotels can buy food for the ultra poor for one whole month. I now feel strongly that I should do something for them’, says Asir Faisal Dipro, student of Udayan High School who went to visit BRAC’s field activities for the ultra poor. Such realisations were reoccurring during the experience sharing in the discussion session on ‘Ultra Poverty Reduction: Views of Future Leaders’.

To create a platform for these young minds to voice their concerns for the ultra poor, a discussion session titled ‘Ultra Poverty Reduction: Views of Future Leaders’ was organised by our Advocacy Unit  at the Auditorium of BRAC Centre on February 28, 2011. The event helped bring forth the views of the future leaders in front of a versatile audience.

Mahabub Hosssain, Executive Director, BRAC chaired the session and Sheepa Hafiza, Director, Gender Justice & Diversity and Advocacy moderated the event. The session was divided into two parts. The students along with the Youth Forum who went to the field visit took the floor in the first part to share their experience and views. Students from Dhaka College, Dhaka Commerce Collage, Udayan High School, The New School Dhaka and Dhaka Cantonment Girls Public School & College participated in the session. Galib Ibn Anwarul Azim represented the Youth Forum, a student of Economics Department, University of Dhaka. The theme of the second part was an open floor discussion with active participation of teachers from the respective schools and colleges, BRAC professionals, representatives from development partners, and civil society.

The event was a part of the national level campaign on Advocacy for Ultra Poverty Reduction.  Our Advocacy Unit organised several debate competitions at different urban schools and colleges throughout 2010, in order to mobilise urban students who are rarely exposed to the extreme poverty of Bangladesh. They were followed by field visits to BRAC’s Ultra Poor programme areas of Rajshahi and Pabna District.

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