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Sustainable development goals: People

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Listening to the voices of the grassroots, we reach out to socially and geographically excluded communities through holistic approach.


We have 111,272 community health workers in position
Ante-natal care provided to 1.2 million mother in 2014
1.5 million adolescent girls received counselling on nutrition in 2014
13,802 ward level institutions in position to empower women in the community
332,000 adolescent girls learning about social and health issues at BRAC ADP Clubs


Here is a story we would like to share about People


"My name is Shanti Debi Chakma. I live with my husband and son in a remote sub-district of Rangamati. Last year, my son Sujan suddenly developed a fever. We took him to a peripheral laboratory of BRAC located a few kilometres away.  He was diagnosed with malaria. He was weak but since his condition was stable, he was released with anti-malarial medication. It was during monsoon when the only mode of transport in the region is a boat.

Soon after reaching home, my son fell unconscious. We rushed him to a government-owned health complex where we found out it was a severe case of malaria. We were advised to take him to the Rangamati district hospital immediately. It was late at night with heavy rains and no transport available except for UNDP’s water ambulance, which we could not afford. Upon learning about the crisis, BRAC’s field officer knew he had to act immediately. He called his colleague, the district manager, who then made all necessary arrangements to get Sujon admitted to the hospital in Rangamati as soon as we arrived. He also informed the only civil surgeon available and arranged for funds. We travelled in the water ambulance to Rangamati where BRAC’s district manager was waiting by the river bank with an ambulance. The treatment started immediately and after four days, Sujan was back on his feet.

Without that timely help, I don’t know what my husband and I would have done. My son’s life was saved because of the sincere actions of BRAC’s staff."


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