The governance structure of BRAC promotes transparency and accountability. Our Governing Body consists of highly distinguished professionals, activists and entrepreneurs who are elected by the General Body and bring their diverse skills and experience to the governance of BRAC. The governing body is assisted by an audit committee which aids in reviewing the financial condition of the organisation, the effectiveness of the internal control system performance, and the findings of the internal and external auditors in order to recommend appropriate remedial action.

Members of the BRAC Governing Body


Stichting BRAC International Governing Board

We have established an office of the ombudsperson in Bangladesh with a comprehensive mandate to investigate any incident of misadministration and misuse of power within BRAC. This includes grievances such as corruption, abuse of power or discretion, negligence, oppression, nepotism, rudeness, arbitrariness, unfairness and discrimination.
Internal and External Audit
We conduct an internal audit to assist management by providing independent advice on operations and performance and by assessing the effectiveness of internal control. In addition, periodic monitoring analysis using selected indicators to enable managers to determine whether key activities are being carried out as planned and whether they are having the expected impact on the target population. 
Our financial statements are prepared in accordance with international reporting standards and we strive for complete transparency in our financial reporting. Our audited financial statements can be found here.