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BRAC has touched the lives of 135 million individuals throughout Asia and Africa by actively promoting economic and social programmes that work to alleviate poverty. Today you can help BRAC expand core programs in health, education and microfinance to reach even more people around the world. BRAC is currently in the midst of an Africa expansion plan which hopes to expand BRAC's presence into 10 African countries in 10 years. Any donation, regardless of amount, can go a long way to help BRAC foster education, create wealth, better health and improve quality of life for more people throughout Asia and Africa. To provide donation through paypal or cheque please go to our
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It’s a great pleasure for us to organise exposure visits. Every year, practitioners from all over the world visit BRAC to gain practical exposure on BRAC’s field activity. This provides visitors an excellent opportunity to observe the operation at micro level as well as share views and thoughts with BRAC practitioners. Please see the sample itinerary to get a better understanding of the different learning experiences you can have.

Please fill out the checklist and send it to and our exposure visit coordinators will be in touch with you shortly.

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