Regular hands-on coaching by a dedicated programme staff ensures close supervision of the participants’ well-being and enterprise growth, and encourages them to consolidate their learning. In addition to tracking the progress, a stronger focus is given on ensuring livelihoods growth, enhancing participant’s decision-making skills, building confidence and raising awareness on relevant health and social issues through regular visits from staff. Hands-on training starts with a combination of home visits and group visits and right after the participant has received an asset, and continues until she graduates from the programme.

Home Visits

Our field staff records the progress of participants’ livelihoods and monitors their progress towards graduation. They observe the participants’ economic, financial, and health conditions. These one-on-one life-skills awareness sessions sensitise participants on 12 critical social and health issues.

Group Visits

Our field staff bring members together in a spot to collect payment and savings, and conduct the life-skills awareness sessions, in a group setting. These visits concentrate on imparting information and stimulating discussion about rights and entitlements related to social and health matters.




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