Remembering Sir Fazle Hasan Abed KCMG

People from all over the world have shared their memories and feelings about Sir Fazle. You can view some of the messages below.

Abed bhai

We lost a great leader....praying for his departed soul...Ameen

Kamran ul baset

A star has been fallen

Sir Fazle Hasan Abed passed away today. It`s not only the grief for the whole nation also for the planet. His outstanding role play for Gender equity, eradication of poverty, water, and sanitation and many other different sector of advancement will be pathway guide for global development. You will be memorable to every people in third world.

Fahim Khan

Remain with us

Sir Fazle Hasan Abed, you will remain with us, always. Our respected Abed bhai, we will continue your journey, the journey you have started in 1972, to change the life of people living in poverty.


Rest in Peace

He was a true visionary and an icon of our time, who devoted himself to improve the lives of millions of people in Bangladesh and around the world. May his soul rests in peace.

Hasibur Rahman

একজন স্বপ্নচারী স্যার ফজলে হাসান আবেদ

এক আলোকবর্তিকা, এক মহান অগ্রপথিক। পরপারে ভালো থাকবেন স্যার। আপনার স্বপ্ন একদিন ঠিক পূরণ হবে, আপনার বিশ্বাস একদিন বাস্তবে পূরণ হবে।

Pulak Mallik

Remembering Sir Fazle

Bangladesh lost one its greatest heroes tonight. Sir Fazle was a beacon of hope and inspiration—not only to his countrymen, but to millions around the world. I’m grateful to have known and learned from him. While the world will remember him for his monumental contribution to improving the human condition, we, at BYLC, will remain forever grateful to him for his support and guidance since our earlier days. May your soul rest in eternal peace, Sir Fazle, and my sincerest condolences to the family members.

Ejaj Ahmad


শোকের ভাষা আমার জানা নাই- যে চলে গেছে সে আর কোনদিন ফিরে আসবে না-সে কি ছিলো বোঝাবো কাকে---

রাফেল খান মজলিস

Rest In Peace Sir

আপনার কাছে, ব্র্যাক শিক্ষা কর্মসূচীর কাছে আমি আজীবন ঋণী । নিশ্চয় আপনার জন্য ওপারে উত্তম প্রতিদান অপেক্ষমান । আপনি বেঁচে থাকবেন ব্র্যাকের মধ্যে, আমাদের মধ্যে । পরপারে ভালো থাকবেন স্যার ।

Md. Ashikur Rahaman Noyon

We`ll always miss you!

The world will remember you for your extraordinary vision, selflessness, life changing ideas, work ethics, and being a marvellous human being. We`ll always love you.

Sadruddin Salman

A Man Who Has Inspired Millions

Sir Fazle Hasan Abed was truly a great personality to look up to and revere. Having met him once when receiving an award from him at the CIE Awards Ceremony exactly one year ago, I was deeply inspired by his words when he told me to use my knowledge to serve the people of the world. As a high-school student from the next generation, I hope we can fulfill his dreams of a world free of poverty and differences. May you forever rest in peace, Sir.

Orthi Onupom, S.F.X. Greenherald International School

RIP Sir Fazle Hasan Abed

WORLD’S BIGGEST FAMILY lost its Creator but We must do the things he has taught us to do, R.I.P Abed Bhai.

Poushali Barua

শ্রদ্ধা ও ভালোবাসা

ব্র‍্যাক মানেই স্যার ফজলে হাসান আবেদ।আমরা তাকে হারালেও, তার সকল জীবনী খুঁজে পাবো আমাদের ব্র‍্যাকের কাজের মাঝে।প্রতিটা সময় প্রতিটা কাজে।

MD.Sohel Rahman

Farewell thee Sir Abed.

He has been a loving papa and i will greatly miss him. May the good Lord strengthen his family and the entire Brac family. Sleep well Papa


You will live within us

I made my thought enlightened from your philosophy Mr. Abed! My reading habit growth for your mobile library in our remote village. From then, you are the one who make me courageous to work for the one world. Dear idol, I shouldn’t say rest in peace rather live within us!


Great Loss

Abed bhai was a visionary leader who showed ways how to work for people silently and with passion. We will follow your path and continue to work for people.

Tapan Kumar Karmaker


তিনি বেঁচে থাকবেন তাঁর ভালো কাজগুলোর মধ্য দিয়ে। আল্লাহতালা স্যার ফজলে হাসান আবেদ কে বেহেস্ত নসিব করুন।

Ariful Islam Arman

We will miss you Abed bhai!

Bangladesh has lost one of its greatest visionaries. Others followed in your footsteps in Bangladesh and other countries too. Pray that your legacy will last beyond your life time and inspire generation to come to work for the poor and improve their livelihoods, in particular women. You lived for others. Rest in peace Abed bhai. I will our chats and all the family history you have shared which I did not know. May Allah grant you Jannah. Ameen.

Nadia Islam

Real Hero

It`s really difficult to say about Sir Abed. A real hero of the country Sir Fazle Hasan Abed. He shows us how a large organization can run with honest, sincerely and off course dynamic leadership. He will be live with us for his good work.

Md. Shahajada Masud Anowarul Haque


May the Almighty keep you in Jannah. You are the golden son of the soil. The nation will deeply miss you Sir!

Dr Abu Elias Sarker

Remembering Sir Fazle

Knowing and meeting a legend like you is one of the greatest thing that happened to me. Thank you for transforming millions of lives through your great work. Your legacy will live on.

Fordson Kafweku