Maximising the genetic potential of cattle population in Bangladesh


In 1987, BRAC undertook a programme to breed cattle through artificial insemination to maximise farmers' limited resources and increase milk production. The development process of domestic cow breeds gained some momentum due to the provision of artificial insemination services through liquid semen from the Department of Livestock Services (DLS). In 2000, BRAC started the production of frozen semen in its own bull station to ensure quality artificial insemination services, and to preserve and maintain the quality of liquid semen.

Currently, 4,000 workers are providing artificial insemination services to 3.91 million cows per year in 64 districts of Bangladesh. Frozen semen is also being produced at two bull stations of BRAC.

Our commitment is to create livelihood opportunities for cattle farmers and strengthen the rural economy of Bangladesh. BRAC Artificial Insemination is working on expanding artificial insemination services throughout 64 districts of Bangladesh and introducing innovations for dairy development. In 2019, BRAC Artificial Insemination established a cattle breed development research centre at the Bogra Bull and Breeding Station. The aim of this research centre is to produce pure-bred bulls using embryo transfer technology, as well as create a new cattle breed that naturally adapts to the local environment, developed specifically for rural Bangladeshi farmers. This new breed will require low production and maintenance costs in comparison to foreign cattle breeds.


  • This organisation is an excellent example of all good things that can be done when there is a will.
    Dr. Daniel Kade Miller
    Cattle Diseases Specialist and F2F Volunteer, Farmer-to-Farmer Programme
  • I found the BRAC AI Enterprise employees to be highly dedicated to providing high quality service to the enterprise as well as providing high quality semen and services to the farmers of Bangladesh.
    Dr. Archie Lee Devore
    Ph.D., Animal Nutrition Expert and F2F Volunteer, USAID





BRAC Artificial Insemination has two bull stations: BRAC Bull and Buck Station in Mymensingh, Bangladesh, and BRAC Bull and Breeding Station in Bogra, Bangladesh. BRAC produces high genetic value semen of:


  • Computer assisted semen analyser (CASA)
  • Phase contrast microscope with digital monitor
  • Stereo zoom microscope
  • Colour doppler ultrasound machine
  • Spectrophotometer
  • Automatic filling, sealing and printing machine
  • Digitcool bio freezer






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