BRAC has worked for decades to integrate gender justice into its programmes and eliminate gender injustice in society. The gender justice and diversity programme works simultaneously within the organisation and with the community. BRAC strives for equality, diversity and inclusiveness within BRAC; improves gender relations and empowers women at the household level across many of its programmes; and works to ensure that girls and boys are equitably nurtured to their full potential from pre primary through secondary school. We also promote gender equality and tackle violence against women at a national level by influencing government policies and agendas, organising public forums and events, and leveraging national and international alliances for gender justice.

As a part of its advocacy initiative, we hosted Bangladesh Girl Summit 2014 in partnership with the Ministry of Women and Children Affairs of Bangladesh, and DFID. By bringing diverse groups together, the summit aimed to trigger national and international support towards accelerating the efforts in ending child marriage.

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Bangladesh/Headquarters: BRAC Centre, 75 Mohakhali, Dhaka-1212.
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