Story of Sitamoni
28 July 2022
For safe consumption, rainwater needs proper harvesting
3 August 2022

“At 16, I became responsible for a family of six.”

Shathi is now a successful dairy and agriculture farmer, but it did not come easily.

“My husband met with an accident when I was 16, so I had to take over looking after the whole family. I hadn’t been to school and I had no assets, but I was the only one who could work - so I got a job as a house help. Most of the money I made went to my husband’s treatment.

In 2019, I received training from BRAC on cattle-rearing, negotiation and financial management. I bought a cow, and sold it for three times the buying price. I started to feel motivated.

I purchased more livestock and leased land to grow vegetables. I learned to identify good breeds of cows, and understand market prices. With every sale I made, I grew my capital.

I’m now a successful farmer, and teaching other women. All I needed was that initial support - just someone to believe I could do it”.

- Shathi, Jashore, Bangladesh

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