"Change is possible through human acts of compassion, courage and conviction. I have spent my life watching optimism triumph over despair." - Sir Fazle Hasan Abed, Founder, BRAC

BRAC stands deeply committed to support national governments, communities and our staff in the wake of the global pandemic of novel coronavirus. We will fight this challenge head on and we will not let a virus win over us.

  BRAC has allocated a budget of BDT 150 million for low-income families in urban slums, semi-urban and hard to reach areas whose livelihoods have been impacted due to the social distancing measures of the COVID-19 pandemic. BDT 1500 will be provided to each family as an emergency food assistance fund, starting from Thursday, 2 April, 2020.

BRAC has also launched a fundraising appeal to scale up the effort and increase the coverage. Any individual or organisation can donate.


BRAC's frontline staff spent this year’s Independence Day protecting Bangladesh

100,000 BRAC frontline staff have been deployed


BRAC's Executive Director, Asif Saleh writes about the impacts of the shutdown due to the coronavirus pandemic

Covid-19 is new and different in important ways, but we have one of the world’s best networks of community health workers, rich history of public-private partnerships in emergencies, and communities with incredible levels of resilience.



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Stay home,
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