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Sustainable Development Goals: Planet

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Building resilience and perseverance among people vulnerable to climate change.


Till 2014,
36.9 million people were served with hygienic latrine
2.3 million people were served with safe drinking water


Here is a story we would like to share about Planet


Of loss and human resilience
Gender inequalities in South Asia leave women more vulnerable to impacts of climate change. Recognising this, BRAC in association with UN Women, builds resilience among women living in climate-vulnerable regions of Bangladesh. Moyna Khatun is a member of a women’s group in her village in northern Bangladesh.

Since she was among the few with primary education, her peers nominated her to receive psychosocial training. Moyna knows about the effects of climate change and how it is a threat for her drought-prone village. She now leads a 24-member strong group, helping them understand the deep impact of climate change and the ways they can cope with them. Many in her village face the risk of losing assets in the face of disasters. Many have lost their family members. Most of the time, they cannot deal with the losses and break down. The group offers women like Moyna a platform to share and support each other in handling psychosocial trauma that climate change-inflicted disaster may frequently bring. 

“It was very painful when my husband I lost all our crops due to drought and storm,” explains Moyna. She says, “I have learned the importance of opening up to each other. I want members of my community who have faced grave losses, to have the mental strength to cope with them.”


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