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Last modified on Sunday, 20 September 2015 08:03

Sustainable Development Goals: Justice

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We work to ensure stronger accountability of local governments especially towards the poor, while challenging the idea that civil society has inherent limits.


Till 2014,

3.9 million women graduated from our human rights and legal education classes.
Legal aid clinics received 231,464 legal complaints.


Here is a story we would like to share about Justice



"My name is Afroza Akhter. I am from Gaibandha, a rural district in northern Bangladesh. My late husband had left behind a piece of land that he purchased about four years ago. After his death the three owners took possession of the land illegally.

My two sons and I could not afford to file a lawsuit against them. A teacher at a nearby school came to know about my crisis, and told me about an initiative that provides free legal assistance on land-related issues. Upon her suggestion, I visited BRAC’s legal aid clinic and learned about the property rights initiative. I did not know something like this existed. I immediately filed a complaint. BRAC representatives issued a request to the owners asking them to visit the legal aid clinic to resolve the matter. When they did not respond, BRAC’s panel lawyer on my request, filed a case.

Despite the court ruling the case in my favour, I could not take possession of the land. The  owners resorted to using their political connections and threatened us. Our lawyer filed another suit asking for execution of the court order. Finally, the police, along with government authorities, intervened and recovered the land from them.

I now farm on this land and am able to make a living. Sometimes I cannot help but feel anxious, but then I remind myself that along with legal support, I also have support from my community. And I feel more assured."



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