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Last modified on Monday, 02 May 2011 18:00

Calls for allocating funds for implementing Women’s Policy in Fiscal Budget

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03 May 2011, Dhaka. Leaders and heads of different women’s rights organisations have called for proper allocation of funds for the implementation of the women’s policy in the upcoming fiscal budget. 

The leaders expressed their views in a public gathering organised by the Social Protection Committee at the Shahid Minar on Thursday. The event was chaired by the Ayesha Khanum, Chairperson, Bangladesh Women’s Association. She said, to establish a country, which is democratic, secular and free of discrimination, people from all walks of life need to take a strong stand for the National Women’s Policy 2011.

She also said, there is no mention of which clause of the Women’s Policy has hurt religious sentiments. Rather some fundamentalist organisations are creating anarchy and chaos by giving misleading explanations of religion. She asked the government to immediately implement the Women’s Policy and make a work plan for ensuring successful implementation of the policy. Former advisor to the caretaker government, Rasheda K Chowdhury said the Women’s Policy cannot be affected for one fundamentalist organisation. These organisations are misinterpreting the policy and are misleading society with wrong judgements. She also said, some irresponsible people are against this policy. No knowledgeable person can be against such development activity.

Noman Ahmed, Executive Director for IED stated that the forces defeated in the liberation war are the ones who are against this women’s policy.
Afroze Hoque Lina from Jatiya NariJyot said, the work of women is never highlighted in the national media. If the clashes are highlighted more between women’s organisations and other organisations against women’s rights, the chaos will only increase.

Among other speakers were Professor Dr A.A.M.S Arefin Siddique, Vice Chancellor, Dhaka University, Professor Momtaz Begum, Chairperson, Jatiya Mohila Shangsthya and Anna Minj, Director, Community Empowerment & Strengthening Local Institutions, BRAC and many others.

The event was moderated by Sheepa Hafiza, Director, Gender, Justice & Diversity & Advocacy, BRAC and Rekha Saha, Director, Steps Towards Development.
Apart from the aforementioned, a few thousand people from sixty seven development organisations were present in the event.

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