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Last modified on Sunday, 16 October 2016 11:18

Recognitions of road safety programme

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  • In 2016, BRAC became the first NGO from Bangladesh to become a member of Global Alliance of NGOs for Road Safety, for its educational and advocacy activities on road safety.
  • In line with National Road Safety Strategic Action plan of 2011-2013, Bangladesh Road Transport Authority (BRTA) requested BRAC to identify opportunities in the national curriculum for inclusion of road safety messages. BRAC's road safety programme conducted a gap analysis and proposed road safety lessons for incorporation in pre-primary and secondary educational level.

    The National Curriculum and Textbook Board (NCTB) accepted BRAC's proposal and included road safety lessons in e-books for different classes and subjects in 2015. It is expected that NCTB will adopt these lessons in the upcoming textbooks of the national curriculum.

  • BRAC has been made Supra National iRAP member in July 2011. International Road Assessment Programme (iRAP) supported by FIA Foundation, UK is a non-profit organisation dedicated to work for road safety through partnership with government and non-government organisations.
  • The NGO Affairs Bureau of the Prime Minister’s Office has formed a committee on 01 January 2009 to prepare short and long-term programme on traffic safety for NGOs. BRAC has been made Member Secretary of the committee.
  • The director in charge of road safety programme, Mr Ahmed Najmul Hussain has been awarded the prestigious Prince Michael International Road Safety Award, UK in 2002 in recognition of his commitment and innovative initiatives towards improving road safety in Bangladesh.
  • The Ministry of Communications of the Government of Bangladesh made BRAC a member of the National Road Safety Council (NRSC) for its programme to improve road safety in the country.
  • Mr Ahmed Najmul Hussain has been included as a member in the National Committee formed by the Government on National Committee for Enhancing Mobility and Skills. The committee is involved in making BRTA (Bangladesh Road Transport Authority – the lead Government road safety coordinating and policy-making agency) more effective.
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