Bangladesh sent over a million workers abroad in 2017.

We offer high-quality training to people from all backgrounds, and link graduates with decent work opportunities.

We work in both the formal and informal economy, identifying occupations in demand and skills in short supply, in partnership with market actors and employers.

We offer technical and vocational training, enterprise and institution-based apprenticeships, entrepreneurship and enterprise development, especially for startups in the informal economy. Our projects aim to improve working conditions and strengthen market value chains.

We promote and facilitate safe, regular and responsible migration for potential migrants at every step of their journey so that they can pursue safe migration routes and financing.

We arrange trade-specific training, pre-decision and pre-departure orientation, and life skills training for migrant workers.

Our reintegration service centres in 64 districts provide services to returnees to promote social and economic reintegration, including psychosocial counselling to those who have experienced trauma, and emergency support for returnees.



22 years, Dhaka

I got married at 13. My husband criticised my dark skin and left me with an 11-year-old child. I was ready to take my own life. Fate intervened in the form of Jhuma, who convinced me to take up work at her parlour – as a cleaner at first, then as a makeup artist trained under BRAC’s apprenticeship programme.

Jhuma is my saviour. She treats me like her daughter. All the girls in the parlour go to her and talk to her about everything. Even though I have been out of touch with my son for nearly two years now, Jhuma and the girls at the parlour make sure I do not hold myself back because of my past and that hole in my life.

I look forward to walking the short distance to my workplace – a small beauty parlour in the middle of Mirpur’s bustling streets - every day. I know that I will be dressing brides, straightening hair and plucking eyebrows, as I do every day under Jhuma’s watchful eyes.

I work hard to make my clients happy, hoping their marriages work out better than mine did.

I will soon be leaving for Dubai to replace my aunt at a beauty parlour. I am not afraid at all of a fresh start in a foreign country – in fact, I look forward to it, as I have done with everything ever since Jhuma made me come back from the point of no return. I was once determined to drain all colour from my life, but now beads and brushes and patterns fill my world.