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19 July 2011
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15 September 2013

WorldFish and the Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee (BRAC) have signed a joint memorandum of understanding to help improve aquaculture-agriculture technologies in Khulna and Barisal, Bangladesh.

“The two partners will work together to improve enterprise activities and research on fisheries in order to develop the fisheries sector for the benefit of the large number of farming households in Bangladesh”, BRAC said in a statement.

They will provide aquaculture-agriculture training, demonstrations and field days for BRAC-organized farming households under the Cereal Systems Initiative for South Asia project in Bangladesh (CSISA-BD).

WorldFish will also work to expand its reach across Bangladesh in order to help support the wider dissemination of improved aquaculture-agriculture technologies, delivering training at other BRAC hubs, such as Faridpur.

BRAC and WorldFish already work together on the Ganges Change Enabling project (G5) of the CGIAR Challenge Program on Water on Food (CPWF).

Dr. Mahabub Hossain, Executive Director of (BRAC) and Mr. William J Collis, Director of WorldFish South Asia signed the understanding on behalf of their organizations.

About Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee
BRAC is a development organisation dedicated to alleviate poverty by empowering the poor, and helping them to bring about positive changes in their lives by creating opportunities for the poor. The organization was launched in Bangladesh in 1972 and focuses on gender injustice and opportunity; empowerment; health and education; food security and poverty alleviation.

About WorldFish
WorldFish, a member of the CGIAR Consortium, is an international, nonprofit research organization committed to reducing poverty and hunger through fisheries and aquaculture.

CGIAR is a global agriculture research partnership for a food secure future. Its science is carried out by the 15 research centers who are members of the CGIAR Consortium in collaboration with hundreds of partner organizations.

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