BRAC ED stresses increasing capacity of partner NGOs for disadvantaged people
16 September 2021
Sonia is determined to never let her disability stand in the way of building her own life.
18 September 2021

Tinni loves her job. She recently got promoted.

Tinni grew up without parents and was married at an early age. Her husband did not work, and she had to take a job at a garment factory of Epic Group. She fell in love with her job.

“Once I started working, I was curious to learn more. I took leadership and skills training at BRAC, to grow my skills. The results were visible at my workplace - not too long after, I was promoted as a supervisor”, says Tinni.

Today, Tinni earns enough money to look after her family - and save for her future. She dreams to start her own business someday and support women like her.

More than 200 participants like Tinni have been upskilled and trained through BRAC. They are contributing to the factories they work in, and making positive changes in their own lives and communities.

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