Munni Akter
26 September 2022
Rethinking shelter: Bangladesh’s new approach to protecting lives and livelihoods
5 October 2022

Community pond: A facility to ensure people living in Bhasan Char have access to freshwater, nutrition and livelihood

Shabbir Ahmed (35) is among those who came to Bhasan Char at the beginning of the relocation. Before coming to Bhasan Char Shabbir was living in a camp at Kutupalong, Cox’s Bazar with his wife and four children. He worked with several organisations as a volunteer. After reaching Bhasan Char, Shabbir was worried he would not find any work opportunity. However, once he reached Bhasan Char, BRAC discovered Shabbir’s interest and talent in community-based activities. BRAC involved him in community-based pond cultivation where community members engage in aquaculture collectively in a pond and use spaces around the pond for vegetable cultivation. BRAC provides necessary goods and technical assistance throughout the process. Every three months, the participants collect the fish and divide it equally among the members. Shabbir has become popular for his diligence and quick learning. Now, apart from being a pond cultivation participant, he is also working as a community volunteer. Shabbir said, ‘I am happy that I have plenty to do in Bhasan Char now.’

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