Poverty and inequality are human-made, so they can be unmade.
Birth need not be destiny.

We believe everyone has potential.
All people need is the opportunity to realise it.

But just knowing this is not enough.
Change happens only when vision meets action.

The world's most urgent challenges deserve the worlds most effective solutions.

The most audacious goals demand the most practical delivery.

There is no injustice on earth that cannot be solved by compassion and courage.

We believe there is always a way, if we work together, no matter how big the challenge is.

We do not know every solution, but we are always on the ground,
Listening, learning, doing, and evolving.

We are not just dreaming of a better world, we are building it.

Our DNA is the core of who we are and how we operate. Together, the eight elements of our DNA represent the southern development approach, and explain how we make change happen. The DNA are interconnected, working as a multiplier force when combined.

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