This project mainly operates in Hazrat Shahjalal Int’l Airport and link to other projects of BRAC Migration. A volunteer pool consist of 5 members directly involved in implementation of the project activities guided and supported by staff of BRAC information centre based in Hazrat Shahjalal Int’l Airport. Volunteers will provide need based support to returnees. Dhaka based treatment and other instant support is provided by volunteers and staff of information centre. But district level treatment, counseling and other support will be held through referral linkage with BRAC RSC centers and other organisations. Volunteers make a database of the returnees. Signboards, leaflets and helpline will be established in airport to disseminate information regarding services of the project.

Goal & Objectives of the project

The goal of the project is to protect basic rights of returnee migrant workers with emphasis on women and vulnerable male. The specific objectives of the project are:

Objective 1: To address returnees vulnerability through providing food, transport and accommodation support

Objective 2: To improve physical and mental health condition of returnees through providing treatment and counseling support as well as ensuring their rights.

Project Beneficiary:

Men and women Returnees who are victim of violation and discrimination are the direct beneficiary of the project. Returnees who return from Middle East countries, EU, Lybia and other African country including American are also considered the beneficiary of the project.

Project duration:

Duration of the project is two years started in July 2018 –June 2020