Savings play a critical role in helping all families plan for the future, make investments, smooth spending, and cope with shocks.


General Savings

Micro-savings accounts for clients enabling them to securely save any amount and receive interest.

Monthly Profit Scheme

Long-term savings accounts whereby clients deposit a fixed amount upfront and receive monthly interest until the end of the agreement, along with the principal amount.

Deposit Premium Scheme (DPS)

Long-term savings accounts for clients to make monthly fixed deposits each month for a high return at the end of the agreement. This can be paid either in cash or via mobile money.

Special Savings

Clients have the opportunity to avail five schemes: a regular DPS product, double savings scheme in 7 years, 1.5 times increase of savings in 4.5 years, a monthly profit basis savings scheme, and a fixed deposit.

Sheuly Akhtar, Munshiganj, Bangladesh

“My parents used to keep all the little money they had with our neighbour and borrow from the mohajon (moneylender) in times of need, knowing they might be tricked. They had no other option. I do not have to rely on people. I have an account and I know my savings are safe.”





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