Loans exclusively for agriculture workers looking to invest on farming and increase their yield.

Nearly half of Bangladesh's workers are directly employed by agriculture, and about 87 percent of rural households rely on agriculture for at least part of their income. Our financial services are specifically designed for different farming groups to provide them greater returns from their harvest and guard against exploitation from informal money lenders.

Borgachashi Unayyon Project (BCUP)

BCUP is a project aimed towards facilitating access to finance for small-holder tenant farmers who do not own farming lands. Our loans enable farmers to invest in higher crop yields, adapt to new agricultural technologies, and invest in household labour supply. Along with the loans, BCUP clients are also provided with market linkage services.

Crop Diversification Project

North-West Crop Diversification Project (NCDP) and Second Crop Diversification Project (SCDP) projects promote yield of high-value crops such as fruits, vegetables, spices, condiments, and flowers. Our loans foster the production of nutritional food and non-traditional crops and enable farmers to gain higher financial returns.

Halima, Cummilla, Bangladesh

“We have been farmers all our lives. Our children went to school because of what we have grown in our fields. My two older sons, both students, are also working to support our family. They do not want us to work anymore because farming is difficult work. But we still do it because we find peace in it”





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