Life behind the label ‘Made in Bangladesh’
14 June 2022
Shahida Begum
19 June 2022

Masuda Begum had no interest in returning to her abusive marriage when her in-laws sent her back to her parents’ house. She wanted to restart life on her own.

She sought legal support to retrieve the money her husband owed her; a legal obligation in Islamic family law, where the groom makes a payment to the bride in the form of money or possessions. Masuda’s husband was asked to mutually resolve the matter by giving her the money she was owed, which he ignored. So, Masuda filed a case.

The verdict was announced three years later in Masuda’s favour. When her husband still had not paid her, Masuda filed another case for the execution of the decree.

Masuda finally received her dower money four years later, after the police went to her husband’s house for his failure to pay. She used part of the money to rent land to cultivate crops, and the remaining amount to start a small shop selling clothes and toiletries for women.

Today, Masuda’s sales are growing and her client base is expanding. She is working on her businesses and hopes to expand them further.

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