Sonia is determined to never let her disability stand in the way of building her own life.
18 September 2021
Schools in Bangladesh were closed for longer than in any other country. Here’s how BRAC is…
19 September 2021

Maati is a quality inspector at an apparel factory of SQ group.

The widespread incidents of #sexualharassment in her community often used to make her feel unsafe. When Maati learned about BRAC’s #safeguarding training at her workplace, she immediately got enrolled for the course.

“I have always felt the need to learn how to protect myself in case of harassment and violence against women, be it in public or in the #workplace. Having received the safeguarding training from BRAC, I now feel empowered knowing I can keep myself, and my colleagues, safe. This has given me a new sense of confidence and security,” Maati says.

Safeguarding measures by BRAC and its partner factories have supported over 32,000 workers from exploitation, abuse, harassment, and gender based violence.

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