Jocalyn Clark: Why has Bangladesh had such success in improving sanitation, but not neighboring India?
23 September 2014
Walking the extra mile: How microfinance is reaching one of the remotest regions of Bangladesh
15 December 2014

The focus of the BlueGold-funded and CGIAR-led research is tore-construct a pond with a diversity of habitats and associated fish species to mimic a natural ecosystem which results in a self-sustaining and minimal external input system which can provide regular off-take of fish for consumption and sale.60 women with ponds in 4 communities are partners in the research, along with WorldFish researchers, BRAC, BlueGold staff and the DoF.

This research is based on a review of natural pond habitats in 2013 by a graduate student from Emory University in the USA who identified major habitats associated with local fish species: floating vegetation, deep water environments, holes, brush, embankments and water plants.Four different habitat configurations and being researched.

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