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BRAC Seed and Agro Enterprise has been committed to enhancing food security and reducing hunger through sustainable agriculture since 1972. Initially focused on farmer training and homestead vegetable gardening, the enterprise has gradually ventured into the production of high-quality open pollinated and hybrid seeds for vegetables, maize, rice and high-yielding seed potatoes. In 2014, it unified its seed production, processing and marketing activities under BRAC Seed and Agro Enterprise for market-oriented excellence.

Our commitment is to reinforce food and nutritional security by providing high-quality agricultural inputs that include resilient and high-yielding crop varieties, quality fertilisers and other bio rational agri-inputs. We strive to promote advanced sustainable production practices and facilitate the adoption of suitable mechanisation methods to mitigate post-harvest losses. This mission aims to create a more resilient and sustainable agricultural ecosystem, empowering communities to produce nutritious food efficiently while minimising waste in their value chains. Together we can improve the overall well-being of those we serve and move towards a healthier and more secure future.


  • Breeding is the key to success and development in agriculture. BRAC is working for food and nutritional security through the development of high-yielding, stress-tolerant climate resilient varieties. Quality breeding will ensure quality products. I wish all the success to the scientists of BRAC.
    Dr. Peter Hanson
    Director & Lead Scientist, Asian Vegetable Research & Development Center, Taiwan
  • BRAC is one of the main development partners of Bangladesh working parallel with the government in the agriculture sector. BRAC’s Seed and Agro Enterprise’s commitment to working for the people has been a key contributor in this sector.
    Dr. Debasish Sarker
    Director General, Bangladesh Agricultural



Soil profiling

Soil testing lab for soil profiling

Farmer-focused technology dissemination programme

Farmer-focused technology dissemination programme in the field

Training and workshops

Training and workshops with dealers, retailers, and sales teams on product knowledge and good agricultural practices

Call centre services

Free call centre for agriculture information



Vegetable seed

Seed potato

Rice seed

Maize seed






BRAC Seed and Agro Enterprise was ranked 11th in the world in the Access to Seeds Index while securing the top rank among Bangladeshi seed companies.






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