Bangladeshi garment workers’ fight against Tuberculosis

Breaking the mold: The success stories of Bangladeshi farmers
19 July 2011

Feroza Akther (26 years old), a BRAC Community Health Volunteer (CHV, Shastayo Shivka in Bangla), assists a young female TB patient to take her medication in Chandana village in Gazipur Sadar. Bangladesh. She administers TB drugs to five tuberculosis patients when they visit her everyday. Besides that, she also visits at least 15 households in her neighbourhood door-to-door to provide health counseling, advice and medications for common diseases. If she find a severe case beyond common diseases, she refers them to appropriate facilities. Commenting on her job, she said, “I have received 18 days training to identify and provide medication for ten common diseases like TB, anemia, cough and cold, mouth sore, goiter, etc. I receive and give TB medication to five tuberculosis patients every morning between 6:30 to 7:30 am. I receive Taka 150 for each patients to help them complete their course. One TB cases could take anything between six to eight months. I also visit at least 15 households everyday and speak to them about health, sanitation, hygiene, and family planning. I also distribute condoms, contraceptives, and encourage them to use Oral Saline and sanitary napkins etc. My job is very important and I think I contribute enormously to keep my village healthy.”