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Last modified on Sunday, 06 April 2014 18:00

BRAC awards Bangladesh police driving certificates

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7 April 2014, Dhaka. Twenty officials from the Bangladesh police received certificates today, 7 April 2014, on the completion of their driving training from BRAC Driving School. This successful first batch of Bangladesh police has finished a rigorous five weeks of driving training. The event to recognise their achievement was held from3.30-5pm at BRAC Learning Centre (BLC) in Uttara, Dhaka.

Over 95 percent of all road accidents are caused by human errors and most of them are preventable. An average driver makes one mistake in every two miles of driving and in every 500 miles one of these mistakes leads to a near collision. Once every 61,000 miles, one of these mistakes leads to a crash. In other words, drivers’ mistakes are endemic. Only a trained driver with the correct attitude can overcome these mistakes to a great extent and protect his or her passengers and him/herself. No matter how safe the vehicles, driving environment and roads are road safety cannot be achieved without a driver’s capability to drive safely. 

The Bangladesh police needs to train drivers every year, because, as law enforcement, they can play an important role in preventing road accidents with basic education on road safety and driving themselves. However, the capacity of their driving school in Jamalpur is not enough as per need. In order to ensure training needs are met, the Bangladesh Police delegated training to BRAC Driving School last year and the first batch of 20 police officers were sent to BRAC Driving School in Uttara for training. BRAC Driving School is a modern driving training institute with licensed instructors trained by Hubert Ebner (India) Pvt. Ltd. – an Indo-Austrian road safety and driving training company based in New Delhi, India. 

Additional DIG (Training and Sports) of police Feroz Al Mozahid Khan, World Bank’s road safety specialist  Stein Lundebye, Additional IGP (training), Bangladesh police Moinur Rahman Chowdhury, BRTA chairman Md Nazrul Islam and director of BRAC’s road safety programme,  Ahmed Najmul Hussain will be at the certificate award event. 

Appreciating this effort of BRAC driving school Additional IGP Moinur Rahman Chowdhury said, ‘the police officer who received the training have to remember that people will look up to them and it is their duty to make the roads safer for all.”  BRTA chairman mentioned in his speech that, “I appreciate BRAC’s initiative to train police officials and we expect more batches from police for this kind if trainings.”

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