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Last modified on Saturday, 09 July 2011 18:00

BRAC Organizes a Session for Policy Makers to Share Ideas to Improve the Condition of Marginalised Communities

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10 July 2011, Dhaka. BRAC organized a field visit for the policy makers to give them an exposure to the marginalised communities BRAC works with. The communities belong to the target group of our CFPR TUP programme, which targets those who are extremely poor, i.e. those who fall right at the bottom of the economic ladder. Academicians from the University of Dhaka, journalists and the Member of Parliament from Naogaon 3 took part in the field visits.

A session was organised to share experiences, ideas and recommendations of the participants about the situation of the marginalised communities and strategies to better their condition.  The unified voice was to use strategies which target specific groups, involving the local elite and monitor the programme intensively. Executive Director of BRAC, Mr Mahabub Hossain presided over the programme while Ms Sheepa Hafiza, Director, Gender, Justice & Diversity and Advocacy moderated the session. Dr Akram Hossain Chowdhury, MP from Naogaon 3, professors from Dhaka University and directors from BRAC also took part in the session.

MP Mr Chowdhury stated BRAC’s work with marginalised communities has had significant impact in rural areas.

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