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Last modified on Sunday, 13 February 2011 18:00

A panel discussion was held at Moulvibazar on ‘Radio Pollikontho’ by BRAC

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14 February 2011, Dhaka. ‘A panel discussion was held at the Distirct Commissioners Office in Chadnighat union, Moulvibazar on the occasion of launching of a community radio station, ‘Radio Pollikontho’ by BRAC.

Present as chief guest was Mr. Mostafizur Rahman, District Commissioner, Moulvibazar and the discussion was chaired by Anna Minj, Director, Community Empowerment and Strengthening Local Institutions, BRAC.

Government officials, Private sector officials and the elites of the society took part in the panel discussion. Mr. A.H.M Bazlur Rahman, Chief Executive Officer, Bangladesh NGO’s network for Radio and Communications took part in the discussion. Among others, Syed Moshahid Ahmed, Deputy Director, Basic Bank Ltd., Moulvibazar Choumohona Branch, Bokshi Iqbal Ahmed, Editor, Daily Banglar Din, Polli Shomaj Chiefs Uma Das and Monju Rani were present.

‘Radio Pollikontho’ will work as a reliable and accessible medium to enhance the economic situation and ensure the rights of the local people of Moulvibazar. It will highlight the voice of women right from the grassroots level to other parts of society. It will highlight the local culture and heritage and increase participation of local population in rural development.

Radio Pollikontho will pass on the message of development and realizing potential through education, entertainment and information. People will benefit from an awareness of human rights and different ways to improve livelihoods, as well as the local culture and heritage which will be upheld by Radio Pollikontho.

The shows aired on ‘Radio Pollikontho’ will be based mostly on the local dialect and will be based on improving situation of the poor people, especially women and children.

‘Radio Pollikontho’ will be aired through Moulvibazar Radio station and will reach across a radius of 17 kilometres. It will be aired across 21 unions and will reach 400,000 rural people.

Even though the idea of a community radio station is widely known and used across the part, it is a very new idea in Bangladesh. The people present hope and believes BRAC’s Community Empowerment and Strengthening Local Institutions programme will make the community radio a success and achieve the goal of awareness among the people of Bangladesh and play an important role in building a Digital Bangladesh.


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