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Last modified on Thursday, 16 December 2010 18:00

BRAC opens its limb and brace center in Haiti

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17 September 2010, Dhaka. This week, BRAC was finally able to open its limb and brace center and began serving patients in Haiti.



One of our Limb and Brace Center staff fits a
young girl for a prosthetic leg.


We had 10 patients come to the Center on the first day, as well as a few  other guest and supporters, including the Haitian Secretary of State  for the Inclusion of Persons with disabilities, Dr. Michel Pean. Here  are some pictures from opening day:

Our staff from the Limb and Brace Center in Bangladesh
trains the new Haitian staff to make and fit limbs and braces


The Limb and Brace Center workshop, where artificial limbs and
braces will be custom built for patients using cost-efficient and
durable polypropylene technology


Dr. Ripon, the head of BRAC's Limb and Brace Center, with
Secretary of State for the Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities
Dr. Michel Pean and his assistants.



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