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Last modified on Tuesday, 24 August 2010 18:00

UN chief appoints BRAC Founder and Chairperson to panel of advisors

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25 August 2010, Dhaka. UN  Secretary-General  Ban Ki-moon today appointed a Group of Eminent  Persons to advise on the  support needed to help the world’s poorest  nations achieve their  development targets.

BRAC's Founder and Chairperson, Sir Fazle Hasan Abed, was among the ten people selected to join the Group. 

"The  members have been selected in view of their high international   stature, expertise and strong commitment to global development," said  the spokesperson for the UN Secretary General.   "They  will be making  efforts to raise public awareness and build strong  political commitment  in support of the LDCs in key areas, including  trade, investments,  technology transfer, official development  assistance, building  productive capacities, adaptation to the effects of  climate change, and  a stimulus package to manage the impacts of the  global financial  crisis."

Others in the Group include, Alpha Oumar Konaré, former  president of the Republic of Mali; Jacques Delors, former president of  the European Commission; Nancy Birdsall, the founding president of the  Center for Global Development; Kemal Dervi vice president and director  of Global Economy and Development at Brookings Institution; James  Wolfensohn, chairman and CEO of Wolfensohn & Company and former  President of the World Bank; Hiromasa Yonekura, chairman of Sumitomo  Chemical Company Ltd.; Louis Michel, member of European Parliament and  formerly the European commissioner for Development and Humanitarian Aid;  Louis A. Kasekende, Deputy Governor of the Bank of Uganda and formerly  executive director at the World Bank; and Sir Richard Jolly, Honorary  Professor of the Institute of Development Studies at the University of  Sussex.

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