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Last modified on Sunday, 31 July 2022 00:00

BRAC's initiates fuel and electricity saving measures Featured

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BRAC's initiates fuel and electricity saving measures

Bangladesh is also among the countries facing a power shortage due to the ongoing fuel crisis in the world. To tackle the situation the government has called on the people to proactively save electricity and fuel. Responding to the call, BRAC has initiated a number of measures to reduce fuel and energy consumption at its head office and offices and settings across the countries. These measures will be effective from 1 August, 2022.

BRAC is doing this by a rigorous reinforcement of its policy measures maximising the use of natural light and air and through following fuel-efficient rules while using BRAC’s vehicles.

BRAC expects the following measures will help save electricity and fuel by at least 25 percent every month:

  • BRAC employees will work from home every Tuesday from 1 August, 2022. During that time BRAC head office will remain closed except for urgent tasks.
  • Lifts will be operated following an energy saving schedule during office hours. All but one lift will be closed on weekends and holidays.
  • Electric lights in the lift lobby and in every floor of BRAC HO where there is sufficient natural light will be turned off. Printers, photocopiers, ovens, kettles and other electronic and electrical appliances will be switched off immediately after use.
  • Internet connections will be switched off at BRAC head office from 10pm to 7am every day
  • The maintenance team will ensure that electrical lights, fans, and airconditioners of the entire building are switched off by 6pm every day.
  • Field visits will be coordinated and combined to minimise use of vehicles and other logistics support in the field

All BRAC field offices and facilities across the country have been instructed to actively save fuel and energy by following similar measures.

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