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Frugal Innovation Forum: Scaling Simple Solutions

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At BRAC, we believe that “small is beautiful, big is necessary.” Nowhere is this truer than South Asia, where poverty and inequity remain large-scale issues. Yet across the region, innovative organizations have found creative ways to empower and serve poor communities. Often their insights into leveraging social capital and approaching so-called “beneficiaries” as active partners have enabled them to be effective with very limited budgets. These frugal innovators are tackling a broad range of issues, from slum resettlement, to education and youth skills development, to anti-corruption and more.

The trusted, proven tools and strategies may not be enough for the emerging forms of social issues that we are observing across South Asia. The gains of the past few decades have created a new frontier of unfamiliar and complex challenges. If we giants are to sustain of effectiveness, we must find ways to learn from and partner with promising new organizations with fresh eyes, distinct capabilities, and start-up agility.

On March 30-31, 2013 BRAC’s Social Innovation Lab will host South Asian innovators, large and small, public and private, for a weekend of sharing, learning, problem-solving, and connecting. See the agenda and featured participants.

This Forum will take a multifaceted perspective on poverty and invites participants from any sector. Broadly, we will focus on three cross-cutting areas:

  • Developing human capital
  • Mobilizing communities
  • Fostering civic engagement

We are no longer accepting requests for invitations. Due to capacity constraints, registration is now closed.

For more on the Frugal Innovation Forum, check out our-

This event is supported by the Rockefeller Foundation and part of BRAC’s project Doing while learning: collaborative models for scaling innovations.

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