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BRAC Probashbandhu Limited


Migration from Bangladesh is growing every year, with the highest ever outflow of more than one million recorded in 2017.

We are a government approved human resources recruiting agency registered under the Ministry of Expatriates’ Welfare and Overseas Employment of Bangladesh (License No:RL-1199, Certificate Incorporate No: C-110836/13). We connect professional, skilled, semi-skilled and less skilled workers with overseas employers for a diverse range of sectors, ensuring ethical practices throughout the process.

We provide end-to-end support for potential migrants from when they start planning their journey to when they return and reintegrate. We serve our clients through 11 migration service and training centres spread across three districts, with potential expansion through BRAC’s presence across all 64 districts of Bangladesh.

  • Partnering with overseas employers to understand and effectively address unmet needs
  • Finding the best fit between employer and potential migrant through extensive screening process
  • Enrolling qualified instructors and establishing training centres to provide soft and hard skills training for potential migrants
  • Designing training modules that focus on high-demand skills and accommodating specialised training requirements
  • Partnering with government authorities, private organisations, financial institutions and recruitment agencies to provide support
  • Soft skills training provided to 400 individuals in 2017*
  • Hard skills training provided to 500 individuals in 2017*
  • Documentation prepared for 3,000 individuals in 2017

*Skills training provided in collaboration with BRAC Institute of Skills Development

  • Overseas job placement via proper legal framework
  • Job-specific hard skills training
  • Largest network of training centres equipped with updated equipment and qualified instructors
  • Cognitive orientation training
    • Pre-decision orientation
    • English and Arabic language training with certification
    • Life skills training
    • Pre-departure preparation
    • Counselling for returning migrants
  • Document verification and processing support
  • Migrant reintegration support
  • Ethical and low cost
    Value-based operations that ensure lowest costs for migration and secure working conditions abroad.
  • Efficient support mechanism
    A wide network of operations providing a range of services including education, skills building, access to finance, and human rights.
  • A strong foundation
    Universally recognised for over 45 years of experience in addressing gaps in human development in Bangladesh and overseas.


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Contact us

Bangladesh/Headquarters: BRAC Centre, 75 Mohakhali, Dhaka-1212.
Tel: 880-2-9881265. E-mail:

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