BRAC in Afghanistan

BRAC is a development organisation dedicated to alleviating poverty by empowering the poor.

In 2002, BRAC started its first international operation by venturing into Afghanistan. Since then, we have continued to play a signi cant role in the country’s development. We provide essential services and support in 95 districts under 15 provinces and hard to reach communities.

With support of UK’s Department for International Development, our education project ensures secondary, higher secondary, technical and vocational education for over 49,000 girls. We work on systematic reform to improve access and performance of students, primarily through community based schools and hub schools after graduation. Our approach improves participation, raises awareness on gender equality and child rights, and encourages ownership of the community.

The Ministry of Public Health guides us in reducing the prevalence of tuberculosis and malaria. We work with female community health workers to assist the government in improving access to quality health care, especially for new mothers and children.

We support social development projects in partnership with the Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development through the Citizen’s Charter programme. We work with communities, as well as provincial and national level officials of the Ministry, to build their rural infrastructure. We are also building capacity through our BRAC Training and Resource Centre in Kabul. We train our staff, as well staff from other organisations in the public and private sector.

Population: 34 million (CIA World Factbook, 2017)
GDP per capita: USD 562 (World Bank, 2016)
People living below poverty: 39% (ALCS, 2014)

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