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BRAC's groundbreaking ultra poor programme focuses on improving the economic and social situation of extremely deprived women and their households. Upholding BRAC’s holistic approach to development, the programme carries out a sustainable model by creating prospects for the most disadvantaged people within communities to overcome extreme poverty through careful selection, integrated support including asset grants or soft loan, skill development, tailor-made healthcare facilities, and ensuring social security through community mobilisation.

The TUP participants live in extreme poverty, where they struggle to meet their minimal dietary requirements and face difficulty to reach mainstream, anti-poverty programmes like microfinance. According to the latest impact assessment study, about 95 per cent of those in the programme ‘graduate’ from extreme poverty and have stayed out for six years after the programme ended. Most go on to take advantage of more mainstream opportunities like microfinance. The programme is now being adapted by other organisations in different countries around the world.


Download: Understanding the Ultra-Poor Graduation Approach


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