Remembering Sir Fazle Hasan Abed KCMG

বিশ্বের বিভিন্ন প্রান্ত থেকে মানুষ স্যার ফজলে সম্পর্কে তাদের স্মৃতি এবং অনুভূতি শেয়ার করেছেন। কিছু বার্তা এখানে দেয়া হলো।

co-founder Global Alliance for Banking on Values

Sir Fazle Hasan Abed was the co-founder of the Global Alliance for Banking on Values (GABV) in 2009 and has been a strong supporter of the movement of values-based banking ever since. Not only did he bring a robust global perspective but also encouraged us to formulate bold, far reaching goals. Resulting in a global network of 60 banks and growing. He was a truly cosmopolitan and saw the world as the place to create lasting social change. Not as a philosophy but by doing, acting by taking the needs of people at the bottom of the pyramid as starting point. Fazle Abed was one of this great leaders that guide people towards positive change. Not by delivering speeches but by starting social enterprises, including banks, that enable people to grow out of poverty, building on a growing self esteem. The GABV will remember Fazle Abed as its co-founder and first honorary member and will continue to be guided and inspired by his incredible impressive legacy. On behalf of the Board of the GABV, Peter Blom (Chair), On behalf of the GABV Secretariat, Dr. Marcos Eguiguren (Executive Director)

peter blom

We have lost a Giant

While small in stature, Fazle Abed had a gigantic impact on development theory, practice and thinking. He was a true visionary whose leadership and inspiration stood steadfastly in the service of the poor and in particular for women and girls. May his humility and commitment to lifelong-learning and service to the poor inspire future generations of those working and serving with BRAC and its partner organizations. Roger Young, Victoria BC Canada

Roger Young

RE: Tribute to Sir Fazle Abed

A man who maintained the capacity to irrigate deserts. May his principles of charity and conviction to help the underprivileged touch people around the world. Rest in Peace Abed Bhai. May your Creator be pleased with your service.


We are committed to achieve the vision we shared with you

We started BracNet with you in order to provide internet to empower the people who are in need in particular in rural area of Bangladesh from 2005. The ultimate goal of BracNet is to realize our vision of leapfrogging the quality of life and business all over Bangladesh. We are committed to share the progress and achievement with you. George Hara, Co-Founder & Co-Chairman of the Board, BracNet Masa Isono, Director, BracNet

George Hara & Masa Isono


It is impossible to overestimate the importance of BRAC in the global effort to end poverty. It is equally difficult to separate its success from the life and work of the man who created and steered it through almost five decades, Sir Fazle Hasan Abed—“Abed bhai” to his colleagues, “Abed” to his friends. BRAC’s size and reach are—by any measure—staggering. Its micro-finance lending, mostly to poor rural women, exceeds a billion dollars a year. Although BRAC is a leader in the field of microfinance—touted for a few years as the miracle remedy for poverty—Abed never saw it as a cure-all. In his mind, the key to ending poverty was new, productive enterprise. Poor people, especially women and especially in rural areas, had to make things. And to do that, they had to be better linked to resources—seeds, fertilizer, knowledge, finance—and to markets. BRAC’s social enterprises in dairy, poultry, silk, handicrafts, seed multiplication, and a dozen others, have created hundreds of thousands of livelihoods, and in time they generated income that has made BRAC largely self-financing. Microfinance was the fuel in the tank, but the engine was always innovative, productive enterprise. The BRAC Bank, completely separate from microfinance operations, holds deposits of more than $2 billion and has a Moody’s long-term credit rating as good as that of Barclay’s Bank. Facts like these might catch the eye of a banker. But BRAC was and remains, an NGO with its primary focus on social development, ranked for the past four years by the Geneva-based NGO Advisor as Number 1 on a list of 500 global non-profits. BRAC pioneered non-formal primary education, mostly for girls, aiming to give literacy, dignity and hope to the next generation of mothers. Its ground-breaking oral rehydration training programs in the 1970s reached nine out of ten rural households in Bangladesh. That, along with innovative health, nutrition and sanitation programs, contributed to a seven-fold reduction in the country’s child mortality. Fewer child deaths, better education and more economic opportunity, especially for women, led to a three-fold drop in the fertility rate, ending worries about unchecked population growth. There’s hardly an area of human development that BRAC hasn’t touched in a meaningful way, taking some of its best lessons to Africa and other parts of Asia. Fazle Hasan Abed did not accomplish this all on his own. But he was able to find and motivate others—individuals, government departments, donor agencies and some of the world’s most powerful and influential policy makers. His ambition was boundless, but it rested on a quiet charisma that inspired devotion and made mountains seem scalable. He listened far more than he spoke. I first met Abed in 1973, when BRAC was just a handful of people working out of a flat in Motijheel. It was an unlikely, almost accidental enterprise, created by a man whose life until then couldn’t possibly have suggested what was to come. He had lived comfortably for several years in London, and then worked as a senior Shell Oil accountant in Chittagong. There, he took time off to spearhead relief efforts following the 1970 cyclone and the 1971 War of Independence. Discovering the deeply entrenched poverty he had failed to notice during his privileged youth, he created what he thought would be a small, time-bound demonstration effort to show what might be accomplished with a few farming cooperatives, adult literacy and heath training. A lesser man would have run from the resulting failures, but for Abed, they were lessons to be remembered and applied to the much bigger voyage on which he then embarked. When I was completing research in 2009 for a book about BRAC, Freedom from Want, and trying to think about what had made it so successful, outsiders frequently told me it was Abed’s experience with the private sector. I always doubted that. Shell perhaps gave him useful perspectives on money and management, but it could not have been the source of his ingenuity, his compassion and sense of injustice, his willingness to take risks and his insistence on learning what works, what does not, and why. He told me that a lot of it was luck, and laughed, quoting Napoleon: “Give me lucky generals.” I investigated the concept of luck and found a good summary: “Being ready for the opportunity.” Abed was always able, better than most, to see and understand opportunity. By that definition, “luck” may well have played a part. He suggested I talk with an employee who had recently returned from doctoral studies in Britain—she might have a helpful perspective on BRAC’s success. She said she had expected to find a saint or a genius around every corner, but in the end, that wasn’t the case. The answer was “common sense”—everything BRAC has achieved came about, she said, through the application of common sense. I put that in the book, but in truth, Abed did have the versatility of genius, a talent for applying common sense in a world where the concept is largely unknown and an ability to unlock doors long closed to innovation, justice and human development. Abed never rested on well-deserved laurels; he always argued that “big” is essential in confronting poverty. Most ambitious people, however, leave a trail of wreckage and animosity behind them. With Abed, it was quite the opposite, and that too must be part of BRAC’s success—his unflappability in the face of tremendous odds and personal tragedy, his ability to build and to bring diverse people and resources together in common cause. Christopher Wren, visiting the construction site for St. Paul’s, is said to have asked a stonemason what he was doing. “I’m cutting stone,” the man said. Farther along Wren asked another stonemason what he was doing. He said, “I’m building a cathedral.” Abed was both Christopher Wren and the stonemason, and while BRAC in it many manifestations will continue to thrive, the legacy will always be his: Abed, Master Builder.

Ian Smillie


“A person that departs from this earth never truly leaves, for they are still alive in our hearts and minds, through us, they live on. Please accept our condolences, he will not be forgotten with due respect to – Sir Fazle Hasan Abed.” – Founder of BRAC. As a partner of BRAC we (UCEP Nepal) are and will be joining hand to move in the footsteps that you had shown us. Bipin Acharya Executive Director UCEP Nepal

Bipin Acharya

তাঁকে মনে রাখি

শোকে নয়, আপনার কর্মে আপনাকে আমরা মনে রাখবো আজীবন। ছোট্ট এই দেশটার ছোট ছোট প্রাণ আপনি গুছিয়ে দিয়েছেন, স্বচ্ছলতায়, প্রাপ্তি আর স্বীকৃতির আনন্দে উচ্ছল করেছেন। এই দেশকে তলাবিহীন ঝুড়ি বলার স্পর্ধা আপনি রুখে দিয়েছেন সাধারণ মানুষকে বারবার, প্রতিবার ঘুরে দাঁড়ানোর সাহস দিয়ে। যাদের কেউ শোনেনা, আপনি তাদের ভাষা দিয়েছেন, যাদের কেউ দেখেনা,আপনি তাদের মাথা উঁচু করে দাঁড়ানোর অধিকার দিয়েছেন। স্পর্ধা নয়, বিনয় দিয়ে, কটু শব্দ নয়, হাসি দিয়ে আপনি আমাদের একজন হয়ে উঠেছেন। আপনি আমাদের হৃদয়ে ছিলেন। আপনি আমাদের মাঝেই থাকবেন। শুধু আমাদের থাকবেন।

খাদিজা ফাল্গুনী

I don`t know, how to express my gratitude to Abed Bhai

Many people touched our lives. Abed Bhai touched it deeply! Feeling fortunate! Really don`t know, whether you could see us from somewhere, Abed Bhai! But, we will continue our journey towards the direction, which you shown us.., throughout our lives....! May the Almighty places your departed soul in the eternal peace! - Your Musa

Musa Muhammad

SBI Family in Bangladesh

We, SBI, Bangladesh operations family are extremely shocked to hear the sudden death of sir Fazle Hasan Abed (KCMG) - a person so much larger than his life, a true hero and Icon of Rural People, their dream, their life , their sustenance development, the Founder of BRAC, the world’s largest NGO. News of his demise spread saddens waves to us, as if sun has set for forever. Sir Fazle Abed’s life was a great gift to humanity. His nearly 50 years of visionary leadership at BRAC transformed millions of lives in Bangladesh and beyond, and changed the way the world thinks about development. Driven by an unwavering belief in the intrinsic dignity of all people, His legacy will live on in all the people whose lives are better, healthier and more secure because of his remarkable service. The world today is much ebbed. The death of sir fazle has taken away a true hero, one who was a model for the world. Although the world no longer has Sir Fazle to show the way, we have his living and growing legacy in BRAC and the millions of people bearing the light he used to dream. We deeply mourn & accept heartfelt condolence on the loss of a great leader , wonderful person & above all an inspiring individual .

Ranjit Gogoi

Thank You Sir

Sir Fazle Hasan Abed have dreamt of building an equal world. He is among the leaders who had called for and worked to create a better world not only in Bangladesh but beyond. He has made a mark that is worth continuing not only by his peers but every one of us. Let us all continue dreaming to create an equal world for everyone! We Surely Belong to Him and to Him We Shall Return!

Salic Ibrahim, MARADECA Inc

অাপনাকে ধন্যবাদ,আবেদ ভাই

মানুষের জীবন কতটা অর্থবহ হতে পারে,তা আপনি আমাদের দেখিয়েছেন।আমাদের বুকে আত্মা বিশ্বাসর বীজ বুনে দিয়েছেন আপনি।আমরা এখন অসম্ভবকে সম্ভব করতে শিখেছি।জানতে শিখেছি প্রতিটি মানুষ কী অসীম সম্ভাবনার অাধার। ৪৭ বছরধরে দারিদ্র্য আর বৈষম্যর বিরুদ্ধে অবিরাম যে লড়াই আপনি চলিয়ে গেছেন,তা এখন আমাদের এগিয়ে নেওয়ার পালা। সমতাপূণ পৃথিবী গড়ে তোলার দায়িত্ব এখন আমাদের কাঁধে।

মোঃসাহাব উদিদন


খুব ভোরে মুঠো ফোনে মেসেজটা এসছিল। আবেদ ভাই নাই, জানার পর মনে হলো আমাদের মাথার উপর শীতল ছায়াটা সরে গেছে। পরক্ষণে মনে হলো শুধুমাত্র ব্র্যাক পরিবারের স্তম্ভ নয়; স্বাধীনতা যুদ্ধের পর ভঙ্গুর একটি বাংলাদেশকে একটি উচ্চতায় স্থাপন করে গিয়েছেন। নারী-পুরুষের বৈষম্য দূর করে সমতা ভিত্তিক একটি পৃথিবী গড়ার মানসে নীরবে এবং নিরলসভাবে কাজ করে গেছেন সারাটা জীবন। বাংলার আকাশ থেকে আজ বুঝি একটি নক্ষত্র খসে পড়লো! ক্ষণজন্মা এই প্রাণটাকে আমাদের গ্রহটার আরো দরকার ছিল। বৈষম্যের বেদনানুভূতিকে প্রগাঢ়ভাবে বাংলার মানুষের মনে গেঁথে দিতে এমনতর শ্রম করেছে আর ক`জনা! পৃথিবী থেকে এই তারকারাজের বিদায়ে বড় ব্যথিত।

চাইথোয়াই মারমা


অাবেদ ভাই কোন ব্যক্তি নয় উনি ছিলেন বিরাট একটা প্রতিষ্টান যে প্রতিষ্টানের কোন দেশ সীমানা ছিল না।উনি সারা বিশ্বের সুবিধা বঞ্চিত অবহেলিত মানুষের এক অালোক বতির্কার নাম।উনার মৃত্যুতে সারা বিশ্বের লক্ষ কোটি সুবিধা বঞ্চিত মানুষ অাজ অসহায় হয়ে গেল।এই শুন্যতা পুরন হওয়ার নয়।অসম্ভব কে সম্ভব করে অসহায় দরিদ্র মানুষগুলোর মুখে হাসি ফোটানোর অদম্য ইচ্ছা নিশ্চয় উপারে মহান রব্বুল আলামীন অাপনাকে ভাল রাখবেন।Abed bhai, We will miss you deeply

মিজানুল ইসলাম

উজ্জ্বল নক্ষত্র

প্রিয় আবেদ ভাই আপনি আমাদের সবার সাথে আছেন।বিশ্বাস করি আপনি সর্বত্র বিরাজমান।শুধু ব্র্যাক পরিবার নয়,পুরো বিশ্বে সবার হৃদয় আপনার অবস্থান।আপনি আকাশের তারার মতই উজ্জ্বল।কতজনের কর্মসংস্থানের সুযোগ ,নিজস্ব চিন্তাচেতনা,পরিকল্পনার বহিঃপ্রকাশ আপনার হাতে বলে গর্ব হয়।এখানে যেমন অনেক পুরস্কার ও সম্মান পেয়েছেন দোয়া করি পরপারেও পান

আফরোজা রোমান মনি

Remembering our Bhai

You have left a legacy and footprint in many places and Africa in particular indeed we are because you were. You live on Abed Bhai beyond the Grave and your light still shinning all the way in Africa.

Lilian Mori

Thank You Sir Fazle Hasan Abed for your Service to Bangladesh and World

To: Sir Fazle Hasan Abed. Sir, We are so proud of you. We are so grateful to you. Sir, You have taught us how to work with poor and marginalized people with compassion and passion. Sir, You believed in people’s power and taught us how to utilize their skills and potentials for fighting against poverty and bringing social change. Sir, You are the greatest social entrepreneur of all times. As a Social Work educator in Canada, I proudly share the stories of BRAC and Aarong and how you engaged women and marginalized people of Bangladesh in social business and transformed their lives. Sir, You have left so much legacies for us, Now it is time for you to Rest In Peace. Sir, Thank you! Thank you for your service and leadership. We are grateful to you. Sincerely, Dr. Hasan Mahbub, Professor, Centennial College

Dr. Hasan Mahbub

Abed bhai

My deepest heartfelt condolences to Abed bhai’s immediate family and friends. And to the larger BRAC family. What a loss. And what a life to celebrate. Thank you Abed bhai, for supporting millions of women, their families and their communities in finding their route out of poverty and injustice. Thank you for the values you lived, which inspired so many. Thank you for your dedication to rigorous testing of pilot work and then scaling up so ambitiously. Thank you for taking the experience from BRAC Bangladesh into BRAC International countries in Africa and Asia. Thank you for the privilege of having been able to work with you, and learn from you, for twenty-five years in different roles. As you wrote not long ago: “friends for life”. No, we will not rest. We will continue your mission and your work. Sylvia Borren, Vice chair of BRAC International

sylvia borren

Remembering A Giant

When I met Sir Fazle Abed more than a decade ago, I sensed I was in the presence of a giant. He is the founder of BRAC, one of the world`s largest non-governmental organizations, which has touched the lives of 125 million people. Abed Bhai, as I addressed him, presented that unique and rare combination of qualities possessed by great leaders. Vision. Wisdom. Boldness. Grit. Empathy. Humility. He has been a lion of courage throughout his life -- from the time he returned to Bangladesh in 1971 to rebuild the country after independence until the moment he faced a terminal illness. In 2008, he invited me to visit BRAC. My trip to Bangladesh was more than a first-hand education about how an organization changes the lives of millions of people and contributes to the economy of a country. It was also a journey to reconnect with my heritage. Abed Bhai had arranged for me to visit Lahunda, the village of my paternal great grandparents and grandparents where BRAC had a microfinance program. Listening to the village women speak with such dignity about their lives left a deep impression on me. Learning from BRAC and from rural communities in Uganda over the years influenced my views about how the Mastercard Foundation could create positive change in people`s lives. Working with Abed Bhai was akin to taking a master class on how to scale efforts to serve millions of people, yet keep in mind the dignity of each human being. One of his lessons was about imagining possibilities. For example, where some people may look past an empty field lying fallow by the road, he would see fertile land producing multiple harvests to feed hundreds of thousands of people. Abed Bhai never encountered a challenge he didn`t like. He would observe, listen and size a situation, and envision how it could be improved. Then, he would get to work. Abed and BRAC were resolute about achieving and quantifying results. They are deeply disciplined when it comes to setting targets and tracking progress. His enormous drive and determination to improve the human condition were also matched by his kindness, wit and humor. He loved to tell stories and to listen to people`s stories. These personal traits endeared him to many. Not surprisingly, Abed Bhai faced his illness with his characteristic wisdom, pragmatism, and courage. Once again, he took charge about how he intended to live his life with the time he had. The lessons that he imparted will continue on in BRAC and other leaders he influenced. As I reflect on his life and influence on mine, I am grateful to have been in the presence of a giant.

Reeta Roy

স্যার আবেদের স্মরণে

স্যার আবেদ ভাই এখন আর নাই শুধুই স্মৃতির পাতায়। তুমি ছিলে অনন্ত- প্রেরণার উৎস, তুমি ছিলে ভবিষ্যৎ কারিগর, তেমার গৃহীত পদক্ষেপ সফল বাস্তবায়নের ভার পড়েছে আমাদের সবার উপর। তার শিক্ষার যাদুকরি ছোঁয়ায় উন্নয়নের জোয়ার ছুঁয়েছে গ্রামে গ্রামে, জেলায় জেলায়। তার চাহুনি দেখতে, পাবো না আর- তা কি ভাবা যায় ! সাদা সাদা ফুলে ভরা গাড়িটা করে তাকে নিয়ে চলে গেল, কোথায় কোন অজানায়। আর্মি স্টেডিয়াম ভরা তার ভক্তরা কেঁদে কেঁদে বুক ভাসায় আত্মার মাগফেরাত কামনায়। দিলরুবা বেগম ব্র্যাক ন্যায়পাল কার্যালয়

দিলরুবা বেগম

The world will never forget

I have heard and seen many enlightening stories in my short life, who have fought to improve their own destiny. But you (Sir Fazle Hassan Abed) is the one who have worked to improve the destiny of the poorest people in the world by sacrificing his happiness, luxury life also confirmed the destiny of these poor people by your far-reaching enterprise model. You are great, the world will never forget you.

Mohammad Khabir Uddin Tagore

The people of Bangladesh can show who they are, through him and his legacy

The University notes with sadness the death of Sir Fazle in Dhaka, Bangladesh on 20th December 2019 aged 83, after a short illness. He was the founder of the Bangladeshi NGO, BRAC soon after the liberation of Bangladesh in 1971, returning to the country from a secure financial career in London, using his own savings to start a relief organisation in the context of the humanitarian crisis and devastation of the country. His commitment to the poor in Bangladesh, especially vulnerable women and children never wavered. Over time, his vision created a mega organisation with over 200k employees, which not only served the poor in Bangladesh but in a further 11 poor countries in Asia and Africa. His organisation attracted worldwide funding, including from UK-DFID. The early focus was on food distribution, but he quickly expanded into oral rehydration to combat cholera and diarrhoea. He saw the reduction of maternal mortality and improvement in new-born child health as among his strongest achievements, but he also initiated a large primary education programme with thousands of schools, a microcredit programme covering the whole country which became a poor people’s bank (including electronic transfers), a University including the BRAC Institute of Governance and Development Studies with which several colleagues at Bath were closely associated. He mixed leadership with modesty, a rare quality. His contribution to development is global, while never losing sight of individual suffering and practical remedies. And he was never afraid of being ambitious for BRAC, seeing scale as a virtue. An inquisitive and generous listener, before steering-gently, but firmly. The people of Bangladesh can show who they are through him and his legacy.

Geof Wood

To my dear Abed bhai

Sir Fazle Haaan Abed –you are a great leader with an exceptional personality. You are the founder of BRAC which is now the biggest Organization in the world. You can inspire others and you are a man of proper decision-making capabilities, accountability, delegation and empowerment. You are a dynamic and extraordinary leader and you proved it by stepping down from his position as ‘Chair’ of BRAC which is now very uncommon and extraordinary judgment. Hundred thousand people work in BRAC around the world and we all pray for you; where you are. You will remain ever shining in our hearts with lots of love and affection and we will keep moving forward with enthusiastic manner. The Nation and world will learn from your work and model to face the challenges to go beyond. Yes, we will not say RIP rather we are ready to serve where it is necessary against all the challenges keeping you and your motto in mind. You are one only dear Sir Abed ! Love you Abed Bhai!! Anwar SAPLING-South Asian Policy Leadership for Improved Nutrition and Growth, HNPP, BRAC.


Condolences to the BRAC family

We heard the news of Abed Bhai`s passing away with great sadness. For many many years, Abed Bhai and BRAC have inspired us in our growth and we have admired and followed all that he did with all of you. Our thoughts and prayers are with you in your difficult time. We know that his legacy is in safe hands with all of you and that his life`s work will only continue to grow and thrive as he would have wished. With best wishes Rukmini and the entire Pratham team from India.

Rukmini Banerji

He will be remembered as a dear partner to the Global Fund

Dear BRAC Family, It is with great sadness that we learned about the passing of Sir Fazle Hasan Abed, Founder of BRAC. Sir Abed’s humanity and dedication to the socio-economic development of Bangladesh and the world are unparalleled. His strategic vision and tireless investment enabled BRAC to grow from a temporary relief organization to one of the largest non-governmental organisations in the world, with which the Global Fund has been proud to partner in the implementation of TB and malaria programmes in Bangladesh. Sir Abed’s dedication to helping others and making the world a better place for the less fortunate has been an inspiration to us all. He will be remembered as one of the great hearts and minds of our times and a dear partner to the Global Fund. Our thoughts are with Sir Abed’s family, colleagues and friends at this difficult time. May he rest in peace.

Peter Sands

The United Nations family in Bangladesh is deeply saddened

The United Nations family in Bangladesh is deeply saddened to learn about the sad demise of Sir Fazle Hasan Abed, KCMG on 20 December 2019 in Bangladesh. Please accept our deepest sympathies for the great loss. In Bangladesh and around the world, Sir Abed will be remembered as an icon and leader for innovation and dedication towards fighting extreme poverty, empowering rural women, ensuring better health and quality education. The United Nations in Bangladesh and around the world appreciates the rich collaboration we have with BRAC as an institution and the extended circles of learning and inspiration Sir Abed generously shared with everyone around him. His legacy rests with having built one of the largest non-governmental organizations in the world, BRAC, and in his own deep, selfless commitment and dedication of his life to those in need. Not even the expression of a life well lived fully captures the contribution of Sir Abed. He will remain a true inspiration for Bangladesh and the world. In this hour of grief, on behalf of the United Nations family in Bangladesh, this is to express our heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family and the BRAC world. May his soul rest in perfect peace.

Mia Seppo