Remembering Sir Fazle Hasan Abed KCMG

বিশ্বের বিভিন্ন প্রান্ত থেকে মানুষ স্যার ফজলে সম্পর্কে তাদের স্মৃতি এবং অনুভূতি শেয়ার করেছেন। কিছু বার্তা এখানে দেয়া হলো।

Sir Fazle,The man actualised.

Thank you for your vision and impact made to this world.When Maslow highlighted that after one needs to attain self actualisation.You have indeed done so.May your soul rest in peace

Gloria Namata

তার শেখানো আদর্শ আমাদের মনে ধ্রূবতারার মত সারা জীবন আলো দিয়ে যাবে

এই বিরল প্রতিভার মানুষটির সংস্পর্শে যারা এসেছে তারাই জানে তার হৃদয়টা কতখানি প্রশস্থ ছিল সুবিধা বঞ্চিত মানুষগুলোর জন্য। আমি ধন্য, অগুনিতের মধ্যে একটি একজন হতে পেরেছিলাম বলে!! তাকে কাছ থেকে দেখার ও কাজ করার মুহূর্ত আমার সারা জীবনের প্রেরণা হয়ে থাকবে। তার শেখানো আদর্শ আমাদের মনে ধ্রূবতারার মত সারা জীবন আলো দিয়ে যাবে।

Abhijit Gupta

Remember with great respect

I salute you sir for you incredible role as a change maker in the real world. If a people like to do something for his or her nation should follow your philosophy. Stay fine in haven.

Anick Ahammad opu

Sir Fazle Hasan Abed KCMG

My English is week So I Said Only I love My Sir Fazle Hasan Abed KCMG. He Was Good Man.

Md. Shahadat Hossain (Robe)

He will be missed

I was honored to record an interview Sir Fazle several years ago, along with a colleague at NextBillion, during a visit he made to the University of Michigan campus, where NextBillion is based. I`ll always remember his kind and humble demeanor, and the many insights he shared in the discussion. What a loss to the anti-poverty sector - he`ll be greatly missed. But what a legacy he has left - a remarkable man, a remarkable life!

James Militzer

একজন স্বপ্নের ফেরিওয়ালা

পৃথিবী থেকে দারিদ্র্য বিমোচনের স্বপ্নের ফেরিওয়ালার প্রস্থান। অনেক অনেক দোয়া ও শ্রদ্ধা নিবেদন করছি।



Sir fazel Hasan Abdel KCMG RIP sir thanks for your vision

Yabomnette sesay

An exceptional life and legacy

Sir Fazle Hasan Abed’s pioneering work on development and overcoming poverty - in Bangladesh and far beyond - was inspirational. I join family, friends and colleagues in mourning as we celebrate his exceptional life and legacy.

Achim Steiner

Thank you Abed bhai

It has been the privilege of my life to serve BRAC , founded by Sir Fazle affectionately known as Abed bhai. He passed away after founding the world`s largest NGO and enabling millions of people around the globe to lift themselves out of poverty. I will never forget the moment when he said to me, "I wish you were Bangladeshi so you could stay here forever and work at BRAC." Thank you for the opportunity Abed bhai. I am sure there is welcome committee at the gates of heaven today.

Richa Agarwal

Man with a BIG HEART

Sir Abed is a great inspiration to all of us, to motivate us to work hard to help the poor, the hungry, the homeless. Each of us can contribute in our own way, with our best ability and capability to contribute to humanity, to benefit communities in social, economy and environments. Sir Abed, rest in peace, you lived a full and most meaning life, you left behind a legacy forever. We love you.

Jacqueline Young

The expression of condolence

It`s not possible to express the gravity of the contribution of this great warrior from Bangladesh. I wish you the rest in peace SIR 🙏!


Memories of Sir Abed

There are very few people in the world who had a bigger impact on my life than Sir Fazle Abed. He was, for me, a hero among heroes. I was one of the leaders of Fonkoze, Haiti’s largest microfinance institution, from 1996 until 2013. In 2001, we began to realize that we were not reaching ultra-poor women. Our members didn’t want them because they were afraid they wouldn’t repay their loans, we had put up barriers such as requiring a savings account before getting a loan, and they were, quite frankly, afraid to make an application to Fonkoze. Our market data had demonstrated this, but then, in a meeting with Paul Farmer of Partners in Health in 2003, he said to me, “I am so tired of taking people who are dying of tuberculosis, AIDS or other diseases, nursing them back to good health and then watching them die because they can’t make a living. If you will help them find a way to make a living, I will build Fonkoze branches everywhere we have a clinic”. That took me in 2004 on a global search for the best method of reaching these women and helping them restore their dignity and provide a living for their children. I first visited Grameen Bank, with its Beggars Program, and then visited Rabeya Yasmin at BRAC. She introduced me to BRAC’s program for the ultra-poor women. It changed my life. I returned to Haiti determined to bring that program to Haiti. Late the same year, I launched an Anti-Poverty Summit and brought people from all over the world, who were on-the-ground program managers, including Rabeya, to Haiti to look at our situation. Together with our partners in Haiti, we visited with Paul Farmer, visited the marketplaces, visited women with AIDS, and visited our clients. All of those in attendance, about 30 people agreed that the BRAC program could and should be implemented in Haiti. With support from CGAP and Concern Worldwide our field workers and managers went to Bangladesh for four full weeks to be trained by BRAC and returned to launch Chemen Lavi Miyò (the Pathway to a Better Life). The program has been tremendously successful and reached almost 8,000 families in Haiti. It is the legacy of my 17 years in Haiti that I am most proud of. Sir Abed was a master of scaling up and in 2009, I had the honor of standing on stage at the Clinton Global Initiative with Sir Abed and Dr. Paul Farmer to introduce our Commitment to Break the Cycle of Disease and Poverty in Haiti, which I had initiated. This Global South-South two-year initiative brought together the largest NGO in the Global South, and two leading Haitian NGOs with decades of experience in the target area, Fonkoze and Zanmi Lasante (Partners in Health), in a comprehensive effort to eliminate extreme poverty in the Central Plateau of Haiti. And then, in 2010, the earthquake hit Haiti. Immediately, Sir Abed contacted me (via Susan Davis) to visit Haiti and see how BRAC could best be of help. I was able to prepare, in consultation with Susan, his full itinerary. What a tremendous honor that was! Those days that I was able to spend with Sir Abed accompanying him from meeting to meeting allowed me to really begin to understand his commitment to the elimination of poverty, his generosity, and his ability to truly listen to everyone. The imprint that Sir Abed has left on the lives of so many millions, including me, will certainly live on for generations to come. Thank you, Sir Abed.

Anne Hastings


For every younger enthusiast, he is an inexhaustible source of aspiration.

Danish Kadir

Sir Fazle Hasan Abed

I am very saddened by this terrible news. I only met Sir Fazle once but had tremendous respect for his vision and drive to change the life of all those who are left behind, in Bangladesh and beyond. Please accept my very sincere condolences and may the extended Brac family carry on his legacy with the same commitment and success. Pascale De La Frégonnière, Executive Director Cartier Philanthropy

Pascale De La Frégonnière

স্যার ফজলে হাসান আবেদ এর প্রয়াণ: একটি নক্ষত্রের পতন

স্যার ফজলে হাসান আবেদ এর মৃত্যুতে আরডিআরএস পরিবার গভীর ভাবে শোকাহত। তাঁর অনুপস্থিতি শুধু ব্র্যাক নয় গোটা জাতির জন্যই বয়ে আনবে এক বিশাল শূন্যতা। তিনি ছিলেন আমাদের অনুপ্রেরণার উৎস ও পথ চলার শক্তি। আরডিআরএস এর পক্ষ থেকে আমরা "আবেদ ভাই" এর পরিবার ও ব্র্যাক পরিবার এর সকলকে জানাই আন্তরিক সমবেদনা। আমরা তাঁর আত্মার মাগফেরাত কামনা করছি।

সৈয়দা রিজওয়ানা হাসান, আরডিআরএস

His was a very inspiring story

I wish to express my condolences for the loss of BRAC’s founder, Sir Fazle Hasan Abed. His was a very inspiring story and one that serves as a good model for the rest of us I was impressed particularly by the fact that he built BRAC in such a way that it is not about one individual, and his unending conviction that lives can be changed no matter how difficult the circumstances. My thoughts and prayers are with the BRAC family, may his soul rest in peace.

De Evans

Sincerest condolences from the WISE team

It is impossible to overstate the contributions of Sir Fazle to the work of poverty alleviation and development both in his native Bangladesh and around the world. BRAC, the organisation that he founded in 1972 with proceeds from the sale of his London flat, has now grown into one of the world’s largest and most effective non-governmental organisations with activities across the full spectrum of social development including education, healthcare, and microfinance. As recently as 5th September 2019, the Economist reported that “BRAC has about 100,000 full-time staff, 8,000 of whom work outside Bangladesh. In 2018, it lent money to almost eight million people and educated more than one million children across Bangladesh and 10 other countries… It is also one of the world’s best charities.” It is estimated that in the course of its nearly 50 year existence, BRAC has benefitted in excess of 100 million people worldwide. BRAC’s success owes much to the character and ethos of its founder. As noted by Ms Ameerah Haq, Chair, BRAC Global Board, “Unfaltering dedication, focus and work ethic are what we have always experienced in Sir Fazle, or Abed Bhai, as the BRAC family calls him lovingly. He always put others before himself and let his work speak for itself. Even when BRAC attained its global stature, his concern and focus were on the less fortunate in society and those whose potential needed nurturing. He embodied the highest level of integrity, humility and humanity, which continues to be the essential guiding spirit of BRAC.” In building BRAC, Sir Fazle was able to attract top talent from some of the world’s most prestigious private sector organisations, evidence of his ability to inspire, and instil a sense of purpose amongst his colleagues. At WISE we were privileged to have Sir Fazle as our inaugural WISE Prize for Education Laureate. It is no secret that in accepting the Prize he set a very high benchmark for us to fulfil during our now biennial deliberations. In accepting the Prize, Sir Fazle spoke about the centrality of education in addressing issues of inequity around the world, and issued a call to action to ensure universal access to quality education. Notwithstanding considerable personal and professional success, I always found Sir Fazle to be humble and approachable, and happy when asked to offer sage advice and counsel. Although we will miss him, we remain committed to our shared goal of building the future of education as a means of achieving a more peaceful, prosperous, healthier, and fairer world. On behalf of the WISE Team, I extend our sincerest condolences to Lady Abed, his children and grandchildren, and his extended family at BRAC. May they find solace in their memories of him and in the knowledge that his was truly a life well lived.

Stavros N Yiannouka

Respect for you Dear Abed Bhai

I never got an opportunity to work with you closely but I feel proud to work for BRAC, to be a part of the dream you had dreamt of. I hope that we, let you rest in peace and do the work on behalf of you, for the betterment of the society as well as the human being.

Khondoker Sharmin Alam


Respected Sir Abed, peace be upon you. We would like to express our deepest condolences for the passing of Sir Fazle Hassan Abed, founder and Chair Emeritus of BRAC.

Subarta Trust

A most generous mentor

Fr. Richard Timm sent a 22-year old kid on his first visit to Bangladesh in 1978 to learn at BRAC HQ and I have been learning ever since thanks to Abed, Mushtaque, and the many BRAC staff I have had the pleasure of meeting. Thank you Abed, for all you have given to the materially poor in Bangladesh and throughout the world and to all of us!

Michael Bowler

Goodbye to a great man

This death of Sir Abed (Bhai) has left me deeply grieved. He was last seen in 1991 at Cox`s Bazar of Bangladesh. I have been involved with BRAC for a long 7 years working. He appointed me since December 1988. I express my condolences to BRAC Family here as well as Bangladesh,

Prasun Kanti Talukdar

He put his intellect, heart and soul in his work

I was very sorry to learn about the passing of Sir Abed. I have had the privilege to work with him relatively closely when I was a member of the advisory board of NGO Forum, which he chaired at that time, and I was always impressed with the way he had not made BRAC great but also put his intellect, heart and soul in development work in Bangladesh in general. A person who will be duly missed, both by his family, his colleagues and the world at large. Best regards to you all and best wishes for 2020.

Carel de Groot

Celebrating Abed Bhai’s life

I first went to visit BRAC in the mid ‘80s when I was with ActionAid India. Given ActionAid’s long history of working on quality education, I went to understand how BRAC had managed the trade off between scaling up and quality in their non formal education centres. The quality of their thousands of non formal centres was super impressive. And from there began my admiration for Abed Bhai’s challenge to Schumacher’s “small is beautiful” approach. We met occasionally but every interaction was a true inspiration as an institutional and model builder, at a scale that was incomparable. The world and all of us interested in poverty and justice are poorer without him. But at times like this when we have authoritarian leaders in most of South Asia, he brings hope to all of us.

Salil Shetty

A warm and humble human being

I was deeply saddened when I learned that Abed has died. He gave me so much inspiration and a deep sense of purpose in life. It has been a privilege to have known him, not just as a brilliant development thinker and manager but also as a warm and humble human being. It was in June 2017 in the Hague, that I saw him for the last time. He was then kind enough to invite me and my wife for the dinner party at Pulchri Studio. A few years before that, I took Abed to an exhibition of Matisse, the famous French painter/designer, which he thoroughly enjoyed, as he was taking pictures of almost all paintings. The first time I met Abed was in August 1979, when BRAC had its offices still at New Circular Road. I will never forget that. Nor will I forget the very personal attention Abed has given me all these years (even beyond my NOVIB time) and the tremendous development BRAC underwent since then. I wish all BRAC staff, especially the old hands, all the strength to overcome this loss.

Peter De Haan

My deepest condolences

Dear BRAC Colleagues and Family of Sir Fazle Hasan Abed: My deepest condolences to you for the passing of Sir Abed — a great loss for the development community, BRAC, IFPRI and Compact2025, Bangladesh, and the world. IFPRI has been fortunate to have benefited from a long-term friendship with Sir Abed through our early partnership with BRAC and more recently when he served as both a member of IFPRI’s 2020 Advisory Committee and Compact 2025 Leadership Council. We were lucky to have had him attend and give speeches at many IFPRI conferences and workshops — where he enlightened participants with his Insights. We benefited tremendously from his experience and leadership skills in establishing the world`s largest NGO dedicated to helping poor and hungry people in the developing world. My colleagues and I were so pleased when he was awarded the 2015 World Food Prize - and well-deserved recognition of his incalculable contributions to reducing hunger and poverty. I am so pleased that his legacy will continue on through the many researchers at IFPRI and throughout the world, who he has inspired to dedicate themselves to making the world a better place through evidence-based research. My thoughts are with you during this difficult time. We will miss him.

Shenggen Fan