Remembering Sir Fazle Hasan Abed KCMG

People from all over the world have shared their memories and feelings about Sir Fazle. You can view some of the messages below.

Controlence massage

As a Brac family mostly Rukungiri area western Uganda we were saddened when we heard this disturbing news of losing our mentor ,our hero we shall keep praying for Him, that God keep his spirit in eternal peace amen

Takwenda nathan

ভালোবাসার আবেদ ভাই

তুমি মোদের রন্ধে রবে আদর্শের শিখা হয়ে; এখানেই মোরা, নোঙর করবো নাকো দিশেহারা হয়ে; তাই বেয়ে যাবো বৈঠা, এক পৃথিবীর লক্ষ্যে।

Mehedi Hasan

Thr Brain Behind ADM in the Bangsamoro

The sincere intention of the Bangsamoro government to provide basic education in the unserved and underserved communities of the autonomous region was concretized when the BRAC took on the challenge of implementing the 3rd component of the DFAT funded BEAM-ARMM Program, the Alternative Delivery Model for basic education. And we are proud that this modality did only exist during the program life, but soon to become a Bangsamoro government owned initiative. And we are grateful to Abed Bhai, who personally came to us and helped us realize that indeed our regional government can actually address its own basic social services challenges by itself, gradually, with persistence and sharp focus. We will always remember Abed Bhai when we will speak about ADM, BRAC and Bangladesh. To Nazrul Bhai, who led the BRAC ADM Team, we will forever be grateful to you all. As we say farewell to the brain behind BRAC, we will continue working with the brains that Abed Bhai nurtured and developed.

Marjuni M. Maddi

The visionary leader

Bangladesh is so proud to have such a visionary, humanitarian leader like you. You have created so many leaders to lead brac in your absence. We are indebted to you forever. Truly you have lived a complete life. It is our turn now to enlighten the country and the world with the torch that you have lit.

Sufi Ahammad Hassan.

Good bye, Abed Bhai

Abed Bhai allowed me to have four short conversations with him over the course of more than two decades. Each I recall verbatim. More than 30 years ago I had my job interview with Mr. Abed at first floor, 66, Mohakhali, Dhaka. He said ‘So you want to work here?’ I started begging him for the job and said I could work as a volunteer. He stopped me and said, ‘no I don’t believe in unpaid workers. You will be a paid Staff Economist at REP, same benefits, same obligations as any other staff.’ I could then not know what luck I had and how much the job earning 50USD a month would define the rest of my life. Let me skip the next two interviews. Each time he listened a short while to my unrealistic and opinionated me and again stopped my stream of words. He told me in a few precise sentences to go and turn my ideas into change. My fourth meeting was at a conference in Nairobi, in 2010. I queued up to see him and said ‘Assalam walikum, Abed Bhai. I come here to tell you how you and BRAC have been the most important things to happen to my life.’ I said who I was, that he can’t remember me and I started to flood him with emotional words of gratitude and wonder. Again, in his dry way with calm, beautiful diction he stopped me and said ‘Of course I remember you. What are you doing now? I hope you are working on change.’ Basically four times I have been told by him to get going and do something, each time gently motioning me to stop talking. I think I and all of us better just do that then. BRAC family, I hope I can stay involved and that I get a chance to contribute to continuing Abed Bhai’s movement of change.

Anne Marie van Swinderen

I studied because of you

I`m saddened about the death of this great hero in my life. Words ain`t enough to describe how deeply sorrowful I feel at the moment. Had it not been at the time when MasterCard scholarship program at Brac Uganda came in, I wouldnt have accomplished my high school and University education. And now I`m a sports scientist with great passion to give back to my community with great values instilled in me by Brac Uganda. I`m proud to have been helped by you. I will strive to achieve what you wanted to. You were a blessing to the world, and I can`t wait to follow your path

Felix Ayobo

I am a product of Abed Bhai`s Vision

Today whatever I am, has been touched by #AbedBhai` vision. I don`t know what would have been happen if I couldn`t get the full scholarship to study my Undergraduate degree in BRAC University. It was because of BRAC. Before that I was split but after that I started sorting out my life with a PURPOSE. And my purpose full filled when I started GIVING back to the community by working for BRAC where I learnt about two new blood groups - `G` and `T` - G is for GIVING and T is for TAKING. Since 2009 I started circulating `G` blood in me to transform other lives with the same vision of #AbedBhai in mind of which one day I was a beneficiary. Now He is no more with us but HIS lessons, guidance and visions are with us to show us the right path to the Global Development Challenges. I know there are millions of people, like me, who are touched with Abed Bhai`s vision, mission and actions are now making spill over effect to form a society with equity. My life time learning from the world`s greatest teacher The #AbedBhai that will keep on inspiring me until my death : - "poor people are poor because they are powerless, you must organize people for power" - "there is no single solution to address poverty due to the fact that it is a multifaceted phenomenon. we must have integrated approach to stop poverty " - "work for those who are excluded" - "small is beautiful but large is essential" - "show empathy not sympathy" - "we should be tough by principles but not by attitude" - "touch the life of the marginalized people with a philanthropic thought to create a sustainable development impact" May Allah grant Him Jannatul Firdous. May Almighty Allah give us enough strength and ability to follow the pathway of our dearest Abed Bhai to work for the powerless people and organize them for power.

Al-Amin Sardar

Sir Abed

We could not say "Rest in Peace" . Let we say that your committed soul is continuing ever ever................

Kazi Md. Nasir Uddin

You have lit up the lives of millions

Bangladesh has lost one of its greatest visionaries. Others followed in your footsteps in Bangladesh and in other countries too. Pray that your legacy will last beyond your life time and inspire generations to come to work for the poor and improve their livelihoods, in particular women. You lived for others. Rest in peace Abed bhai. I will miss our chats and all the family history you have shared which I did not know. I will miss texting you excitedly each time I saw a BRAC office on my missions in remote African places and your prompt responses. May Allah grant you Jannah. Ameen.

Nadia Islam-Maswood

a lasting inspiration

My condolences to the BRAC family. Was honoured to have briefly been working and reamain inspired by Sir Fazle Hasan Abed. His vision to just enable people in poverty to empower themselves, is impacting millions. His legacy will be treasured, continuing and lasting.

Petra Costerman Boodt

Life(F.H.Abed) is short but his history is long too.

we can see a Political Leader everywhere but a development activist is not a seen every where.

A.T.M.Khorshed Alam

My memorable interaction with Abed Bhai

I started my very first career in BRAC computer in 1988. After working two years as a computer programmer I was ready to make a move. I spoke to Shukhen Da at then Rural Enterprise Project (REP, BRAC) as there was an opening at that time. He told me that he would be happy to include me in his team and advised me to speak to Abed Bhai about my intention. One day, I gathered all my courage and went to see him. That was my very first real conversation with him. I was surprised to find that he knew I worked in the computer division. He had such a calm demeanor! He asked me why I wanted to leave computer division. I gave him my reasons. Leaning on the back of his chair, he listened to me without any interruption! He then told me to join the research department instead of REP. I expressed my hesitation as I didn`t have any research experience. He expressed his confidence and reassured me that it will be ok. That`s how I started working in the Research And Evaluation Division (RED). Even though I left BRAC in 1998 and moved to America, I still feel proud to be a part of his great organization. May he rest in peace.

Ishrat Ara

Condolence message

Legends do not die... They just rest. Sir. Abed has fought a good fight, he has finished the race and he has kept the faith. He will rest well if we always be true to the values of Integrity effectiveness innovation and inclusiveness which he had always stood for as we carry on the vision of BRAC. Rest well Papa.

Twinomugisha Viola

My condolences

Even a long message may not open my heart to bring out the feeling. My sincere condolences to the family of father of the nation. Thousands would be dead without you but am sure the risen ones are still living because of your life. We shall celebrate you always. RIP Mr fazel Abed


Respect for Abed Bhai

It`s very hard for me to accept the development world without you. Brac will follow your visions...

Mesbah Uddin Talukder

Voice of humanity

It is deep saddened death of Abid bhai. The world has lost the powerful voice of humanity,but Abid bhai legacy always enlighten, will be written in golden words in the pages of the history. He makes the brac for voice of humanity, will InsAllah always amplify in the world. You are hero and will be hero.

Nabeel Arif

ফজলে হাসান আবেদের প্রয়াণে শোক

ব্র্যাকের প্রতিষ্ঠাতা ফজলে হাসান আবেদের প্রয়াণে বাংলাদেশ শ্রম ইনস্টিটিউট (বাশি)-র কর্মী ও সংগঠকদের পক্ষ থেকে গভীর ও বিনম্র শ্রদ্ধা জ্ঞাপন করছি। এক বৈষম্যহীন বিশ্ব নির্মাণে ব্যক্তি মানুষের অসীম শক্তি ও সম্ভাবনাকে জাগরিত করতে ফজলে হাসান আবেদ যে অক্লান্ত শ্রম ও সাধনা করে গেছেন, সে র্কীতি অমর হয়ে থাকবে। আমরা বিশ্বাস করি, তাঁর কাজ ভবিষ্যতের পথ নির্দেশ করবে এবং দারিদ্র্য, বৈষম্য, ক্ষুধা ও হিংসা মুক্ত পৃথিবী গড়ার আন্দোলনকে আরো বহুদিন প্রেরণা যোগাবে।

বাংলাদেশ শ্রম ইনস্টিটিউট (বাশি)

Hope of Nation

You did exactly what God commanded us to. Helping others holistically. You opened the eyes, hope and future of those of saw no hope in life. I really pray that God reward you with eternity because whatever you did for us is beyond what we can to for you. May Heavenly father be with you

Onweng Denis

The Change Maker

Two roads diverged in the wood, and you — You took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference.

Mehzabin Ahmed Simi

ভালো থাকুন

স্যার ফজলে হাসান আবেদ স্যার ভালো থাকুন

khaled ayman

Tribute message for Sir Abed Fazle

We would say much but words alone cannot tell what you meant to us. You shared your very best to the world not because you had much but because you strongly believed in equality in humanity. You found it no robbery to be a father to the fatherless, you were a beacon of hope to the hopeless, you were a vision bearer to those you didn`t even know. You poured out your heart to uphold your believes. Your happiness was to see an equal world and indeed, even at the time you rested, this no worry no you. You were a man with a big heart, so selfless and loving to the world. Your actions saw many who were homeless find hostage in you, those who could not go to school have achieved there dreams. The works of your hands will last in our hearts forever. We shall dearly miss you. We shall continue to cherish your legacy and surely, we shall do all it takes to see your dream come true. We wish you endless happy times in your next life. May your soul rest in eternal peace. With so much love Akol Jude Opolot A Ugandan scholar and beneficiary of MasterCard at Brac.

Akol Jude Opolot

Love and respect to Sir Fazle Hasan Abed

Sir Fazle Hasan Abed is a true leader in the globe. He is eternal and vivid. Love and respect to Sir Abed, Abed bhai always.

Somnath Saha

Thanks to the heart which imparted love in to other people`s hearts!!

Your no longer with us but your kind loving and caring acts are still we us. We are not mourning but we are celebrating your life Papa who am I to have been one of the people who have enjoyed the fruits of your love and care I am because of you I will forever carry on your legacy. Never to be forgotten but to be celebrated forever. Aliganyira Teddy Brac alumni Uganda

Aliganyira Teddy


Dear Sir, You are, and will be a candle holder of tunnel where people waiting other side for light! Nasima Akter POPI

Nasima Akter

তাঁর অবদান শুধু বাংলাদেশ না, পুরো বিশ্ব মনে রাখবে

মায়ার যাত্রা শুরুর সময়টা এখনকার মত এত সমতল ছিল না। কিন্তু এই বন্ধুর পথে পথ প্রদর্শক হিসেবে সর্বদা স্যার ফজলে হাসান আবেদের সৃষ্টি ব্র্যাককে পাশে পেয়েছি। ব্র্যাকের সাথে মায়ার পার্টনারশিপ সেই ২০১৩ থেকে। এই যাত্রার শুরু থেকে যে ধরনের নৈতিক, মানসিক ও অর্থনৈতিক সমর্থন ব্র্যাক থেকে পেয়েছি তাঁর সুবাদেই আজকের এই মায়া। ব্র্যাকের সাথে মায়ার পার্টনারশিপের সুবাদে কয়েকবারই আবেদ স্যারের সাথে কথা বলার সুযোগ হয়েছে। তিনি সবসময় নারী ক্ষমতায়নে বিশ্বাসী ছিলেন। তিনি চাইতেন নারীরা নিজ যোগ্যতায় সেই সবকিছু করুক যা সমাজ তাঁকে বঞ্চিত করছে। আর প্রযুক্তি নিয়ে তাঁর আলাদা একটি ভালোবাসা ছিল। তিনি বিশ্বাস করতেন প্রযুক্তির মাধ্যমেই নারী ক্ষমতায়ন সহজতর হতে পারে। তাঁর মত মানুষ আর হয়তো আসবে না, কিন্তু তাঁর অবদান শুধু বাংলাদেশ না, পুরো বিশ্ব মনে রাখবে। এমনই জীবন যাপন করেছিলেন স্যার ফজলে হাসান আবেদ, যেখানে মৃত্যুও তাঁর সমাপ্তি টানতে ব্যর্থ।

আইভি হক রাসেল