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Tuesday, 11 August 2015 00:00

Good Management Practices: Human Resource Division

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BRAC's human resource division (HRD) has established a qualitative and strategic approach in managing workforce. The key focus areas are procedural justice, transparency, equality, respect for diversity and recognition of human potential. The HR policies and guidelines aim to ensure uninterrupted services to and spontaneous participation of employees, which in turn facilitates achieving the organisational goals, as well as fulfilling individual employee needs.

The HRD published the Human Resource Policies and Procedures (HRPP) in 2011. The HR Line of Sight (LOS) 2012-2013 has been developed to ensure the successful implementation of performance objectives to achieve the organisational goals. BRAC HRD launched e-recruitment system and also introduced web-based information services for the staff on the division’s website.

BRAC’s young professionals programme (YPP) has been preparing and delivering the best development leaders of the country since 2008. YPP offers a challenging fast-track professional career in international development.


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