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Tuesday, 11 August 2015 00:00

Advocacy for Social Change (ASC)

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Advocacy for Social Change (ASC) is a programme that works to create an enabling environment for other BRAC programmes so they can achieve their objective more successfully. ASC actively participates in policy advocacy by engaging policy makers, duty bearers at national and sub-national level. It creates common platform where stakeholders from all level can participate and voice their demand on issues that significantly impacts welfare of general population and society. ASC develops consensus of the stakeholders as well as the general/ underprivileged population through regular roundtables, dialogues, workshops, and seminars. The programme has developed a sound camaraderie with media to create awareness about issues such as road safety, healthy child feeding practices, environment among others. 

Appropriate strategy for policy advocacy is crucial when it comes to making an impact on the adoption of right policies as well as ensuring their implementation. ASC also develops strategies and designs actions through rigorous research on social problems and government policies.

In the course of providing support, ASC also develops capacity of BRAC staff. Our evidence based, innovative communication approach such as Interactive Popular Theater (IPT) and community/courtyard meetings mobilize communities at the grassroots level, improving their capacity by enhancing awareness on various issues, including health, education, and human rights.

Currently ASC is active in the area of health and nutrition, road safety, education, agriculture and climate adaptive technology and ultra-poverty through six different projects which are as following:

For ‘contribution to the field of communication for social change’ BRAC’s advocacy unit received Communication and Sustainable Social Change 2010 Award from University of Massachusetts-Amherst, USA.

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