With a population of 160 million and one of the highest rates of child marriages in the world, fertility control and reproductive health are major pressure points for the country. Bangladesh is yet to reach the replacement level of population growth that it endeavoured to achieve within 50 years of independence.

For 49 years now, we have been implementing reproductive health and family planning intervention all over the country. Staying true to the very roots of the programme, the core approach is to educate communities on the importance of family planning. Both women and men are engaged and empowered to make smart decisions regarding the size of their family.

Our experience shows that awareness without access to services falls futile. This is why we offer free of cost non-clinical contraception methods (birth control pills and condoms), which are delivered by our CHWs door to door. In addition, the maternity centres in urban areas offer clinical contraception methods, such as injectable and intrauterine devices.

During the past year, we have sensitised 11.3 million couples on the importance of family planning and provided them with clinical and non-clinical contraceptives. In the days to come, we aim to reach more adolescent girls and young women with these services.