For too long, health, nutrition and food have been considered to be separate silos despite being inextricably linked. Through our advocacy work, we aim to sensitise governments into systemic thinking and address shortcomings across the entire spectrum. Our work is multifaceted and ranges from grassroots levels to the highest policy-making levels.

We advocate to the Community Clinic Health Support Trust for greater service provision at the grassroots-level community clinics. We also provide technical and human resource support to community clinics as part of our efforts to strengthen health systems. In addition to refurbishing birthing facilities in community clinics, our CHWs offer maternal and child care services at the facilities.

Further, to ensure that working mothers are able to care for their children appropriately, we advocate for the seven minimum standards for employment of mothers in 80 readymade garment factories. We vouch for provision and enforcement of paid maternity leave, breastfeeding accommodation and supportive workplace environment, and child care amongst others.

In addition, to sustainably address the rising challenges of non-communicable diseases and the triple burden of malnutrition, we also sensitise South Asian governments on adopting a food systems approach.