24 December 2017

Digital survey to reduce land related disputes

Inadequate implementation of land related laws, lack of information, faulty land surveys and land records are some of the major challenges preventing delivery of proper land […]
30 October 2017

Buying and selling land, the right way

The buying and selling of land is a serious a matter, and it is best to be as careful as possible. Proper land measurement and documentation […]
30 October 2017

Sakina’s right to a childhood

66% of girls in Bangladesh are married by the time they turn 18. Sakina is only 14, and her parents are about to make a life-changing […]
29 October 2017

Rahela and her daughter’s right to land

Rahela’s in-laws have asked her to leave their home after the death of her husband. She soon learns that she and her daughter are legally entitled […]
29 October 2017

Rabeya’s right to a happy life, free of abuse

Rabeya never feels safe in her own home – both her husband and mother-in-law are abusive. However, things could start to change once she learns that […]
29 October 2017

Legal empowerment as a way out of poverty?

By Sajeda Farisa Kabir It’s a story that we have all heard before. A poor girl from the village gets married in her early teens. Her […]
29 October 2017

Delayed justice: How long is too long?

By Sajeda Farisa Kabir In Bangladesh, litigants face various obstacles to access justice in every stage of the legal process, starting from the decision to take […]
29 October 2017

A letter to Molly

By Farisa Kabir In May 2016, eight-year-old Molly (not her real name) was brutally raped by an 18-year-old. She was taken to hospital in a critical […]
29 October 2017

Are we becoming selective activists?

By Ummehani Binte Ariff It is sickening how rape is becoming a regular occurrence in our society and there is a report of an incident of […]