Insana's Story: A Student and a Teacher

Insana_BRAC SoFEA Girls Club Member
Photo by BRAC

Insana is 18 years old. She lives in a village in Kalampur, Dhamrai in Bangladesh.

When she was in Grade 10, Insana was forced to drop out of school, as her family was unable to bear the associated costs and needed one more hand to add to the meager family income. This was a big blow for Insana, as she enjoyed school and wanted to continue her education further. Nevertheless, in response to her family’s needs, Insana stopped going to school and started rearing some chicks and ducks to help support her family.

Insana was a member of a local SoFEA club, and her club mentor and the staff became aware of this and offered her the chance to enroll in a training program to learn tailoring. Although there was pressure from her family to find a higher earning job, Insana decided to take up the training.

With great determination, she completed the training and won a sewing-machine for her outstanding performance. After the training, Insana started making dresses for her neighbors. Her designs became so popular that she was asked if she would be willing to train others. Hence, along with making dresses, Insana started earning additional income by training girls from her neighborhood.

Insana now earns a good living and supports her family by making dresses for neighbours and providing training on tailoring to others. She has enrolled back into Grade 10, covering her own expenses, and is preparing for her Secondary School Certificate exam!

Today, thanks to your support, Insana stands confidently, with great faith in her own potential and serves as an inspiration to her fellow club members and her community.