A Fair Deal for Md. Babul Hossain



Md. Babul Hossain of Baukhond, Dhamrai, Savar, like everyone, had dreams of living a happy life. As the sole bread winner in a large family of his wife, children and elderly parents, he was inspired to seek employment abroad after seeing migrant workers from his village earning a good income, and being able to provide comfort for their families. A well known migration middleman, Nazrul Islam, informed him of an employment visa in Iraq which required an advance booking money of BDT 270,000 (USD 3,300).

Babul Hossain discussed this new development with a member of BRAC’s migration forum, who suggested that Babul meet with the local communications workers from BRAC’s safe migration programme. They advised Babul not to give any cash to the middleman without a proper receipt. Babul paid a sum of BDT 170,000 (USD 2,084) to the middleman, and received an official contract. Four months followed, during which Babul searched in vain for the middleman to receive information about his departure or to get his money back.

Losing hope, Babul went to seek mediation with the safe migration forum. A series of meetings with both parties convinced the middleman to reimburse Babul. Eventually, Babul availed an amount of BDT 147,000 (USD 1,797). After following a safe migration process, Babul is now working in Dubai and supporting his family in Bangladesh.

According to his family, “He is now doing fine, working in Dubai and sending us money. Every week he routinely phones us to check up. Our community appreciates all the work the safe migration forum has done for us.”